Mini Warriors :Three Kingdoms- join your hands in this epic journey and win the battlefield.

Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Genre:Strategy Developer: Triniti Interactive

The game Mini warriors are developed by Triniti Interactive. The game seems very interesting some of the fine games from developers are mini Carnival, mini Zombies, mini Hero. The game Mini Warriors is inspired from Mini Carnival.If you ever played this game then you would love to play mini Warriors.

mini-warriorsTriniti Interactive Studios game is a player-versus-player real-time strategy game its downloaded over 5 million times in August, 2013. I have seen lots of strategy games have come and gone in many years. I don’t remember all the games but few I can, were I love these kinds of games very much because it takes back to history and there style tells about bravery. Out of those game Mini Warriors found very interesting so though of writing about it.

In this Epic game three kingdom gather together and help to conquer the world. Battle against 2000 mini soldiers and fight alongside one another in 25 vs 25 battle style. You don’t have to use your brain power just plan and discover the way how to win in this infinite battle field. Conquer the land and build cities, visit and recruit famous historical heroes, manage affairs of state, and face off against real-life power rivals from all around the world. I love some of the feature like dispatch 23 heroes at once iin battle field. Experience the thrill of in this electrifying battlefield.

Speaking about control they are simple and straightforward I love the mechanics used. Colors used in the game are bright and vivid hues with rich color, graphics are finely detailed texture are used that can be seen and Animation are buttery smooth and fluid. Characters are look really adorable and colors are perfectly matched to they attitude. Soundtrack are pleasant overall complete package.

I really love the game which is very challenging and fun, Appealing graphics, plan well and fight in this epic battlefield and conquer the territory and make the name in history. manage their own territory and battle one another.