Agartha- Find the hidden land in this beautiful puzzle game.

Agartha – The Hidden Land Virgilio Cortez

Genre: Action & Adventure Developer:Virgilio Cortez

The game Argatha developed by Virgilio Cortez which is a puzzle/action play game, where the game looks gorgeous by its unique artstyle. I was intrigued when I saw for the first time because the game is inspired from famous playstation games The journey.

The game journey is infinite runner game, but I feel Argatha has put more efforts in his work than game The Journey in Artstyle. There are tons of games in Appstore like arcade, Match three games, puzzles and many more. This game I found out to be unique with the concept were it takes back to history of ancient civilization, and there life style. And this game will educate us about there living style, and there culture. Were today most of them  we don’t follow the culture.


Story of game Agartha :The Hidden land goes for thousand of years there lived unknown citizens were they are going to existed but they keep the order of protecting the planet, The argathians disappointed by mankind’s wars, hate and ambition. So decided to destroy in order to start a new cycle. The Entias tribe from Agartha that has been banished for sharing their knowledge with humans. Started to send message  to avoid the catastrophe, however they are exiled tribe nothing good was waiting for them upon their return knowing this. They decided to satart along journey back to Agartha the hidden land. unlock entias spirits by collecting coins this will empower Agartha by completeing the levels and find hidden land.


Speaking about visual are gorgeous with aesthetic design and colors are bright with vivid hues and look great on retina screen. Graphics are great with finely detailed textures through this you can understand how much developer has put the effort to make the game. And animation are buttery smooth and fluid. Talking about controls are simple and easy to use. Reach as maximum as possible and score high and show on Leaderboard System and achievements .

I suggest you to play the game once, that will immerse you to gorgeous landscape. At current  I’m at beginning of my stage. Overall its complete package of game and concentrate on scoring high points and have fun.