pictureit_0For players who enjoy solving problems and figuring out solutions, you’d enjoy this amazing sliding puzzle Picture It.

PictureIt is similar to the traditional sliding puzzle game. The objective of the game is to slide the puzzle pieces within the set frame and arrive to a predetermined configuration. Picture It comes with several stylish and beautiful photos for your enjoyment.


In the classic slide puzzle board, puzzle pieces move into an empty tile next to it. The functionality of the game is limited to this movement only. Picture It allows players to not only slide the puzzle pieces, but also lets you rotate, flip, and turn each individual pieces for more possible solution to the game.


Added features a.k.a Episodes of Picture It are:
– Rotate: rotate puzzle pieces up and down and find the right-side-up
– Flip: flip puzzle pieces front and back and figure out the right side
– Turn: turn puzzle pieces for four possible solutions
– Dice: roll pieces like a dice for six possible solutions
The episode control buttons are located on the bottom right hand corner for easy access to you.


Picture It game starts off with a 3×3 board that includes 8 puzzle pieces (with one blank spot) combined with the ability to rotate the puzzle pieces. The complexity increases as player advances to thee higher level. The more you play, the easier the game becomes. Better start playing sooner rather than later.


Picture It does not use letters or numbers. Instead Picture It uses scenery, beautiful, and sketch images. There is a possibility to incorporate the ability to integrate photos from your image library in the later development. God willing.


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Picture It will get you reminiscing about your childhood.