Venture Kid is a lovingly crafted 8-bit retro action platformer that goes beyond just pixels and chiptunes.

Venture Kid

Genre:Action Developer:FDG Mobile Games GbR

Venture Kid developed by Mobile Games GbR which is a 8-bit retro Platformer game with beautiful design of levels developer has manged well on design by balancing modern game and classic game in mind, done amazing job. The game Venture kid is inspired fro mega man and Castlevania.

The Pixel art work is done great on Venture Kid with Mega an look. which is very appealing looks nice overall. The graphics in the game looks aesthetic with pixelated and background environment and characters are fairly detailed with nice textures, colors are soft with bright rich final touch, chiptune soundtrack adds great combination to the game with well planned game mechanics. In the game you will be assigned new weapon to defeat a boss its not necessary to have weapon to defeat bosses but can make it in next level. Or when you receive this tool you have to continue the game


In Venture Kid, you will find nine levels you have to solve one-by-one at the end fight against enemy bosses. You feel quit easy at the beginning but games complexity ¬†increases once you start getting progress. In your mission you played as Andy your task is to stop¬†The evil Dr. Teklov is about to build a secret weapon, disguised in his huge space fortress. So support Andy and stop evil Teklov. You can play two modes in the game Venture Kid Normal and Hard .So its your wish to choice, there are 8 unique power-up items which will help you in your quest to complete. There are lot of enemies in game who leap over and shoot, from running quick spiders to fat rats and deadly fish to bobbing UFo’s.

Venture Kid costs $0.99, the orbs you earn can be bought. You can buy permanent upgrades with orbs only if you save overtime. If you buy buy $5.99 orbs doubler then you get everything quickly. There are some disadvantage like having less health or the weapon balancer are for short amount of time. The game have more in-app purchase.

Venture kid is a fantastic gameplay, platformer that is more entertainment enough if you love it lot . And will take you back to childhood memories, graphics and music are nice and neat, The game reminds Megaman more.