Paul Pixel game save yourself from infected zombies.

Paul Pixel

Genre:Adventure Developer:Xoron GmbH

The game Paul Pixel was developed by Xoron GmbH which is a pixelated game and retro adventure game. In the game alien has invaded the earth they had spread the infected zombies to other, The game looks quit challenging one.

paulpxelThis game play is inspired from games Maniac Mansion, Zac McKraken, Beneath A Steel Sky and Monkey Island. But still it differ from other games by its own artstyle and game playing mechanics. The game Paul pixel takes back to childhood memories were we use to play whatever games were available in those days in video games. But still we were enjoying till full extend. Today lots of pixel games hit in appstore. But still today we are fond of these pixelrelated games always evergreen.

The story behind this game is once earth has invaded by infected zombies. So we have to protect ourself from these infected zombies. Paul pixel is the hero in this venture story were he will be taking responsibilities to save the world from infected zombies in this retro adventurous game, visuals in the game are soft-pastel and vivid hues and graphics looks like oil-painting or hand-drawn painting which looks like characters are come into lifes, colors selected are bright with dark texture looks neat and elegant. Soundtrack are with bombastic retro sound makes you focus on the game. Game looks very energetic and bubbly you can see developer’s work, has put lots of interest to display it.

In the gameplay infected zombies can be found anywhere like toilet or in roadside anywhere so be aware you don’t know when you will be attacked. And people in the city are scared and lost hope and trust, no one ready to touch each-other. Life in the city has changed each and every moment has became difficult to breath, so its your duty to save world from zombies and bring peace to the cities.

Control in the game looks very simple and straightforward just one tap to move and pick items shown on bottom left. Overall graphics, soundtrack, and visual are complete package with its own unique style. So try this game once which very challenging in every step and gives stimulation to the brain.