Monster want Burger is a fun and challenging game with Big Mouth and one eye.

Monster want Burger

Genre:Arcade Developer:Cipher Prime Studios


Monster want Burger developed by Cipher Prime Studious the game is about Hungry little adorable crab monster. Even crab too love Delicious burgers like us. Developer has put great idea behind this game as a result we love this game a lot which is entertainment and fun.

I have played tons of games in googleplay  and appstore but never found something unique as this one which is cute little infinite hunger monster. I was really astonished when I took a look of unique style of game these games are very easy, can be played and understood well. which is also time pass can be played by whole family. Developer has really done neat job some of their works were praised back like Pulse and Intake. The game is all about feed the monster as fast as you can and earn more points.

crabwantsbuThe task of the game is to feed the monster Burger and score high points and be careful not to make monster angry, when we feed him less burger or not in time. Objectives of the game is to prepare tasty burger with provided ingredients from the game. Starting stage of the game will have basic ingredients and as games stages increases more pieces are added or ingredients so looks easy but quit challenging and gives stimulation to the brain. As you move forward you can prepare different combination of Burgers has special name, and you have to uncover those burgers. Should be prepared within time limit which looks pretty fun. In the game you have to just drag your finger and drop the ingredient into plate to prepare burger and feed hungry monster so just use simple controls. And these shadows will help you to check your finger like when you are drooping the ingredient. Preparing just burger is not enough to make higher points, you have to prepare multiple burgers and feed monster to earn more points, timer is also set which displays how much tasty burger you have prepared. Things will get little messy when you are in hurry.

Speaking about time in the game, time limit is taken on each level before moving to next level, time limit is recorded in right of the screen which indicates limited time for feeding the monster. If time is over monster will be anger and game is over so more burgers you feed more points you earn. Like other games from developer Cipher Prime Monster wants Burger visually has minimal design and colors of the game is bright and soft pattern with neat display. And animation is simple with enduring graphics and little monster is truly adorable with big mouth and eye. Speaking about soundtrack which is whimsical still delight to listen and play the game.

Overall soundtracks, music, and visuals are complete package with cute monster and big mouth and eyes with is very fun and challenging game