Play the super-fast sushi passing game Sushi Go! with friends, family, or against the computer also most compelling card games

Sushi Go By Michael Busheikin

Genre:Card Developer:Michael Busheikin


Sushi go developed by Michael Busheikin and this a card game Which is totally fun game and a strategic pick and pass game. If you ever liked card games like reigns then you would definitely love to play Sushi go card strategic game which keeps your brain very busy and fun.

Since in my childhood days I use to play card with my friends and family which is relaxation and entertainment in those days. But today we can see various types of card games hit the appstore. Like cooking, manageing kingdom and many more out of those I found Sushi go card game concept quit interesting with unique character and artstyle with minimalistic design. Card games are very popular during 90’s and for the whole family, enjoy the game to kill the time and stimulates the brain also you find these types of game quit challenging and worth of money so no one is ready to give up such interesting games even if you loose the match.

susigoSpeaking about the visual which is subtle texture with very fined details and colors of the game is bright and vivid hues with minimalistic design, today most of them are quit attracted towards minimal design and animation are soft and aesthetic design will make you immerse in the game world.  The artwork for each area is insanely detailed with fine textures and the colors range from light and rich to vibrant, Soundtrack are truly atmospheric and ambient with melodious to hear I recommend to wear headphones. Soundeffects are very effective puts you immersive in the game. overall the audio and soundtrack are complete package.

The game Sushi go is a cooking card games where its the most compelling card games I had ever played and and be ready to prepare your plate. There are some tricks to earn better points like you grab sushi to take tempura like take set 2 tempura scores 5 points and if you take single tempura then no score so take two tempura. And player has to make 6 rolls to earn 5 points and The player with second most 3 points bonus rounds 4 points. And main task of the game is prepare best sushi dishes in this fast-pasced game and earn high scores by satisfying the customers needs on time like making most wanted rolls and collecting set of sashimi and dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value, work hard in this adorable game and become a sushi master.

I recommend to play this challenging game which is totally fun and entertainment, right now I’m earlier in the game, and I will add to my collection of games, play against your online friends show achievements and win in game center Learderboards.