Head of State –  become the real leader in this political domination

Head of State

Genre:Simulation Developer: Edward Biden

Head of State developed by Edward Biden he has developed this game in unique style. You have seen weekly various games will hit on the appstore with same concept puzzle, arcade, racing and many more. If you are really got bored playing same types of game then give one try to stimulation type game like Head of the States.

headof-statesAround the time I was in middle cshool, I love to stay up late night watching cartoons on Disney Movies. One of those cartoons I ended up watching often was Lion King, and as I grew I become big fan of the series. Need to say Long king was definitely a cartoon that set some standards in terms of storytelling and artstyle. So this game resembles me Lion King character, but concept is different you play as a Head of States in the world of political domination. Though I am not interested in politics but this game will give us a chance to rule like a real leader and gain more popularity. After spending some time with the game, I must say that it is definitely an interesting mashup that is worth checking out, as there is nothing quite like other game in the App Store.

Speaking about visual of Head of the states which has a minimal visual design yet I’m a fan of the franchise This game retains the cartoonish style were Head of States are known for, the game goes in  more modern artstyle when it got classic looks. The colors in the game are vivid and bright with cartoonish character. Animation of the game is buttery smooth and fluid and sound track is melodious to listen better suggest headphone. Sound effects are a fun final touch overall the game has good soundtrack and audio.

If you are frustrated by dummies ruling the country and want well manageable leader to take incharge of the states then why you cann’t take the chance becoming the powerful leader with your own ideology and picking policies of your style which suits better.  And gain crowds support  through your speaking ability and also make sure give cosy to all suitable persons like police, church or anyone else who is with most superior powers. Be prepared for random events which will put you down or up also you have to play by rules and brain, as your momentum builds, Choose unique policies trust no one democracy will be strong with your style so that your ruling go for long, long time.

So this is your chance to become powerful and dominated leader and win support from your rivals don,t allow devastating through your actions make the name in history by becomeing great supreme leader. And enjoy this strategy game which makes you more immersive in the game and thanks to developer who built fantastic game by Ed Biden, Ewa Chrusciel and Rebecca Harwick