Into the Dim is a retro roguelike RPG about a boy and his dog which also a adorable game with lots of fun.

Into the Dim

Genre:Action  Developer:Happymagenta

The game Into the Dim is developed by Happymagenta  which is a retro-style dungeon crawler RPG that will make you feel nostalgia when you play. If you ever played other roguelike RPG games like Tiny Rogue or Microgue then Into the dim will be right up in your collection.

At some point in the past several years I felt rougelike games are my favorites but I’m not sure why, but each run only lasts long before it ends and challenge is definatly something I welcome these days. Plus, it’s always a rewarding feeling whenever you find yourself progress in the games. I’ve gone through dozens of roguelikes in ios in the past few days but this one found to be interesting.  So I checked out myself

dimAs I grew up, one of the things I could not go anywhere without was my game boy grayscale graphics and all. Which is my favorite gadget back then which provided me hours of entertainment.  Into the Dim takes me back to my childhood with the pixelated 16-bit art style which comes in full grayscale coloring. So whenever I see this game I feel like I’m holding a gameboy in my hand again. Rather then pixelrealted game the visualls are fairly deatiled and animations in the game are smooth and fluid. To top off the vintage gaming feel, Into the Dim comes into complete with a melodious soundtrack that is delight to hear, and the sound effects are nice touch.

In Into the Dim, players will find story of boy and his dog, which leads him to dungeon while he is wanting to show something mysterious. To progress in the game, players will go through dungeon rooms one at a time, trying to avaoid nasty monsters and escaping from the dangerous traps. Like all other rouguelike RPG games, you’ll have to do a careful planning to survive because you are sight is limited around you. If you have to move forward you need to solve the puzzles to advance, so well planning is required. you are armed with gun which will help you out there. Once you find the key on each floor  and get through the door to move next level.

The Controls in Into The Game are pretty straightforward and simple. The bottom center of the screen will be four buttons for directional movement along the grid-based dungeon floors. If you are adjacent to opponents tap the button with the direction to attack them. Because you are armed with a ranged weapon just tap on the ammo button adjacent to the arrows and the movement buttons change to ranged attack. You have to be careful because ammo are limited supply. So don’t waste them 

Since Into Dim is a turn-based RPG monsters will make their move behind you. However, there is the option is a option for you to skip moving and make enemies move. This tricks can be used depending upon some situation. To make this happen, just tap on the button that is to just tap on the button which is to the right directional arrows. The skip can be used in turn whenever you need to and this can lead to some strategic positioning on the floor. Honestly I feel this feature is a turn-based roguelike RPG.

 As you move on dungeon rooms, lucky you find treasure chest now and then. In order to achieve you have to unlock the puzzle to gain access to treasure. Which contains coins or goodies. The coins may also drop from defeated opponents as well, so collect coins as much as you can. These coins are helpful in the shop in-between which runs in upgrades to your hearts, ammo and how many moves you will make before the enemy takes a count. There will be daily free gift room for some freebies and a bonus level that will be available after you complete atleast 50 percent of the game, or you have to unlock early with coins.

you can show your achievements in Game center support for leaderboards. So that replay value is pretty high here. You can watch videos to continue a run or extra coins. And also there is optional in-app purchase for removing ads.

I love roguelike RPGs so Into The Dim is a nice additional to our collections of games. This game is really addictive and fun.I’m not just a bid fan of the controls because I feel its bit clumsy to me in the middle.