Top 10 Mobile games of the week of sep 2016 download and have fun.

1.Riptide GP: Renegade

Genre:Racing Developer:Vector unit

In this game you’re rule is hydrojet rider with Kick out death- defying show your stunts over massive waterfalls and dodge cops through public waterways and game is cast out from Riptide GP league. you are forced to race against flooded runs, and illegally through city waterways, and churning factory machinery. You play as single player and you can ride with new vehicles by unlocking it then customization features when you defeat bosses. Also challenge your friends for achievements and Leaderboard also you can take on challengeing mode like ghost-racing, Deep Career Mode.



2.Riff Racer

Genre:Racing Developer:FOAM Entertainment

Riff Racer is developer by FOAM Entertainment They have created this game with remarkable idea which is very fresh with new twist on music – powered game creation . The game features 25 free bundled tracks so be ready for the racing game, The task of the game is race the music stay synchronised and to score points. You can score high by pulling off jumps, tools and drifts. Also challenge other racers ghosts and be the first to create a race-track from a song and make a name in Leaderboard with your achievements.
 I recommend to play this fun game which is complete package of stunt racing title, which looks really gorgeous as it sounds and  incredibly fun thrill ride. Also has got all the charms it needs to become among the greatest music games.

3.One More Jump

Genre:Arcade Developer:By PREMO Games

One more jump developed by SMG Studio this game reminds me Snakebird and Geometrical Dash which is very simple and challenging game. Speaking about visual its very smooth and fluid, with colours are  bright and vivid hues. Controls are simple and straightforward with only one touch controls. Some of the games like One more Line and Thumb Drift are there collections.

The game are really easy at the base level but when you gain progression the higher levels. The complexity increases also you the game will be very challenging which is difficult to master. Daily You will receive new levels and challenges this will make you thrill on the game to play. Also customise the character with differ themes and avatars.

Speaking about the soundtrack I prefer to wear earbuds and sound effects are Battery smooth and neat. Game stimulates your brain and improves concentration. So give the gave a one try




4.Super Powerboy

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Super Powerboy Limited

The game was developed by Super Powerboy Limited The game is all about school boy saving our planet from aliens who has invaded our planet with cruel plan to civil disorder the earth. Its our job to protect our planet from destroying natural resources from these planetary pirates.
In this game you can explore 45 handcrafted missions where it can be used to set across 5 distinct locations and upgradeing system helps to experience an evolving character to move on, try to complete all the goals you will master the missions.
Speaking about animation its battery smooth and fluid with unique art style which look realistic, beautifully designed characters and environment and want to know about soundtrack  its really pleasant to hear with original music and audio we recommend to wear headphones.Show your skills in  Game Center achievements & Leaderboards and good thing about game is its a premium game with no ads or in-app purchase.

5.Sacred Legends

Genre:Action Developer: FISHLABS

Scared Legends are developed by FishLabs story of the game is when gates of the hell are opened The hero will be arising to save Ancaria. And you have to fight against the cruel monsters from Ancaria by collecting epic loot and forge magic items and become powerful hero in the world of scared Legends this game is based on the popular fantasy RPG.

And please note that this game will not support Iphone4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini 1 and iPod touch 5 or older are to supported.


6 Line Defense

Genre:Action Developer: Legal Radiation Team

If you wish to save ur planet from alien invaders in just one finger then now its possible by Line Defense where you will swipe to block massive missiles and alien ships from plummeting to earth like draw to destroy what threatens us and protect force field from damage also you have to battle the bosses to save your cities.

you will be drawing lines to block invaders and swipe to capture items. you have to point multipliers, crystals and nuclear weapons that will help you and some will increase your score and others will destroy. Awesome power-ups can be obtained by collecting crystals and increase the line length by recharging the force field quickly or draw more lines at once  and you can earn more crystals by watching videos



7.The Impetus

Genre:Arcade Developer: Ironwood Studio Limited


The game developed by Ironwood Studio Limited where the task is to climb highest heights as possible using your reflexes and your wits which will keep you alive. And speaking about the visuals the environment looks realistic and colours are bright and hues with beautiful landscapes to explore. Animation in the game are butterly smooth and fluid with no lag in iPad 6. Soundtrack is really melodious and reliant i Recommend to use headphone.

This game environment make you immersive with the overall theme and its about true champions knows how to tackle obstacles by reaching heights



Genre:Arcae Developer:(by NANOO COMPANY)

The game is developed by NANOO COMPANY which is a retro style game with pixel art. The task of the game is to save the princess in this epic journey by escaping all the obstacles. You can do a battle in mass battle way by gathering three heroes companions and pets. You can play upto 100 dungeons , weapons , treasures and skills.



9.Heroes of Wow – Stop the Demon Invasion

Genre:Arcade Developer: appers


The game is about save the wow Islands from invading demons. Join our super hero Flyps and his little bouncy friends to save wow Islands. These demon armies are trying to steal magic from them to they require your help to save their Islands.

Animation are gorgeous with bright and vivid Hues. And colours are buttery smooth with fluid and game itself makes you immersive with its landscape visual. You will be really impressed by its unique art style.

Controls in the game ae simple and straightforward just one simple tap to jump and slide to reach the top, and collect as much as coins you can to unlock new characters and beat high score to show your achievements on Leaderboards.


10.Mazubi Island

Genre: Arcade Developer: Zense

              Mazubi Island developed by Zense which is a platformer game with lots of fun and adventure, story is about an evil demonic mist is a miserable and banished sorcerer with a superhero fighting the forces of darkness on Mazubi Island. Save the Island from the

                sorcerers curse in this magical platform game. In this journey explore the world of Micarna. And save the lost sous of Mazubi.
                With your fighting abilities and right attitude you can deed the forces f darkness on Mazubi Island