Warp Shift is an Enchanting Puzzler game  from FISHLABS and maze like ancient chambers puzzle.

Warp Shift by Fishlabs

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Fishlabs

Warp shift developed by Fishlabs is a gorgeous puzzle game will let you think outside the box, atleast just a little bit. If you are a fan of puzzles , this one will be definitely a must have in your game collection. Warp shift is somewhat full of surprises keeping Fishlabs in mind which is known for Galaxy On Fire series, which is related to space shooter and not related to puzzles.

FISHLABS is not a stranger to IOS gaming they have given us amazing hits like Galaxy On Fire, Galaxy On Fire 2, and Galaxy On Fire – Alliances. While these are amazing games, I didn’t played them personally since I’m not best at these action-packed space shooters. So  when we heard about that  FISHLABS was coming out with puzzle games I was excited as puzzle are my favorite games after spending a quality time I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with the puzzle game from a studio that normally does Action games like Bushido Bearfishlabs

Visually, Warp shift is absolutely gorgeous. The entire game is displayed in 3-D with beautiful landscapes and environment in the background appear to be hand-painted. The Character model pi the little girl that you are guiding through a boxy labyrinth is incredible idea as we feel she is truly alive on your screen with very fluid movements. The colors are bright and hues its nice eye candy on screen. Speaking about animation are buttery smooth and fluid when navigating through selection level screen. The soundtrack of the game is very delight to hear and sound effects f nature or your robotic friend are fun. Like other games warp shift featured 5 different world that contain 15 levels each. You’ll have to complete each stage to move next level. The game help you unwind and relax after a long day, though you feel game is challenging one. There are three stars can be earned on each stage. You have to earn these stars to unlock next levels.

The good thing about stars is the game tells you how many moves you can make until you loose the star. This gives you a hint puzzle can be solved in just that many moves if you try. Though getting one or two star is not a bad thing. For those who like to be perfectionist that helps you give them a clear cut and how to solve a puzzle.

The gameplay has very simple but gets tricky as you move new levels Each stage consists of an arrangement of boxes, some will open for pi to transverse through your goal is to get her to the portal so she can get back home from these maze like ancient chambers that has trapped her. You have to arrange the boxes so that path is clear for pi to reach the portal. Arranging can be done by swiping the rows and columns – the box at the end just goes to the other side when moved . Each swiping a box will be counts as move and if you aim to achieve 3 stars you ‘ll need to solve the puzzle in a few swipe as possible.

While game looks quite easy at first there are many obstacles that awaits you as you explore new worlds. And you have to deal with multiple portals, laser guarded doors and many more. The puzzles can get rather tricky but its always fun and challenging and helps to keep your mind occupied beacuase you need to think outside the box for completion of a level. I feel game is enjoyable and weel worth for the money. The visuals are stunning, the music and sound are soothing. The only thing is there are more in-app purchase despite its $3 for the game already.

I recommend checking out Warp Fish, if you feel zen-like puzzle game is very enjoyable in your weekend. Or if you’re just a fan of FISHLABS and want all of their games in your games collection, so just try it.