‘Steppy Pants’ Adds ‘Floor is Lava’ Mode in New Update

Steppy Pants 

Genre:puzzle Developer:Super Entertainment

Steppy Pants by Super Entertainment

Super Entertainment’s Steppy pants has been based around two ides: one, what if “The Ministry of Silly Walks” was a video game and next what if a game was made around not stepping on the cracks of a sidewalk, lest you break your mother’s back? well, video game adaption led to your back getting broken as opposed to your mother, it just seems horrific. But now Steppy pants is out to turn another childhood walking , method into a video game with the new Floor is Lava mode in the 1.3 update, live now.

steppy pants

This is a new game mode separated from the existing mode, where you will be traversing from one household furniture to another. And you should be careful dont step into floor lava or the things like fire jets that will threaten to burn you to death. What kind of funny is that seems like the floor is lave is becoming the hot new trend in video games. There’s this update the the Minecraft “Tumble” minigame for consoles, and a game called Hot Lava that’s a first-person “the floor is lava” game. One can say that “the floor is lava” is really hot right now.