ENYO developed By Arnold Rauers where you fight in hook & shield combat style

ENYO By Arnold Rauers 

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Arnold Rauers

The game ENYO is developed by Arnold Rauers which is roguelike RPG game with  dungeon crawling RPG adventure game. Were puzzles thrown for mix for good measure when people think of mobile games first thing they think about is match three puzzles or infinite runner. And all the junks in the appstore due to this people are not taking games very seriously fortunately there are some expectations that truly shine on the App store ENYO is one among them.

When I saw ENYO on the appstore first thing flashed into my mind its similar to Severed game. If you love this dungeon crawler games then definitely you would give one try to ENYO.’ First ll go right out and say it: ENYO is also one of the most macabre and morbid games I’ve played recently, especially on mobile. Speaking about visual its gorgeous with bright and vibrant hues and animation is buttery smooth and fluid also credit goes Winnie who is a wonderful and fantastic artist responsible for the unique style of art. And the game is inspired from Hoplite/Auro. Soundtrack of the game is atmospheric that will immerses you in the ENYO world, and the sound effects are realistic. And you will also be impressed by its unique aesthetic design.


Controls in the game are simple and straighforward to move activate your shield base ability by tapping the button, next Tap and drag anywhere on the screen your character can move in four direction, use shield bash to push enemy into the lave tiles below. When each time you perform action combo counter goes up after 3 action you gain a point to be killed, second attack is “hook” select it by tapping hook button in bottom. With hook you pull enemies towards you and Additional the hook can travel over lava tiles now use it to pull the enemy into the lava tile next to you. Stun leap which is third bottom button which is used to jump over any tile and stun foes that are within its range it has one turn cooldown and changes to a regular jump when not ready. Tap to select tile and Leap to selected position last button is  “THROW ” when you throw your shields it can move over lava tiles and stun enemies on hit use hook to return to shield. When you clear all the opponents You will be rewarded golden flee. You can select any modes Normal Expert and daily bases. Daily challenges have unique set of enemies you can compete in a daily highscore with players                                                        enyo2

The game ENYO its all about your character ENYO where you will be given shield and hook as a greek goddess of war into an ever changing labyrinth to recover 3 legendary artifacts. Enemies can only be defeated by pushing or pulling them to lava pits or deadly spiked walls. And in this battle field you will be given chance to fight against seven unique enemies where you can show your skillful and tactful attacks. Player can play three modes like descent to recover the golden fleece, the apple of discord and the shield of Zeus. And a scoring system is based on how well you battle against your opponents which is included to create completion. The good part is game is free to download and supported with ads. And you if you buy a game for ($1.99) all ads are removed.