Tiny Empire -Fire the cannons to protect your Tiny Empire from orcs.

Tiny Empire

Genre:Adventure Developer:Mother Gaia Studio

Tiny Empire game is developed by Mother Gaia Studio which is a physics based puzzle game protecting kingdom from troubling green orcs and other nasty creatures. If you are bored with Angry Birds 2 which is freemium and you can go for combined concepts of Angry Birds and Fragger into one the Tiny Empire is of your kind.


The original Angry birds has came out several years ago It was a top games of IOS gaming, and its the paid game which also helped out too. From this every game were designed similar in gameplay, making slingslot-style physics-based puzzle game and became popular among other games. I love angry birds very much and thought how these types of games can be done in right way. I tried to Angry Birds 2 for a while but couldn’t get past the fact that a great paid game to freemium title, so that’s when I saw Tiny Empire on the App store I was astonished. This is a fully paid games with no-inn app purchase or timers. Honestly these games are very rare in these days.

Tiny Empire is the retro 16-bit look game and I feel its really a nice one. Since I grew up with playing the pixelated games which makes me feel right at home. Tiny Empire looks gorgeous with modern game due to its bright and vivid colors, textures and detailed characters sprites. Animations in Tiny Empire are smooth and fluid. Tiny Empire reminds me Fantasy life on the Nintendo 3DS. The sound effects can be seen has you blast the monsters or soldiers is also a fun treat.

In Tiny Empire, players will come across a world map of the Kingdom, and negotiate through it in chronological order in terms of levels. At the moment, there are 80 stages you have to play. three stars can be performed depending upon your performance, which unlock items in the shop. To play next level you have to achieve atleast one star. A new mechanic is introduced with each group of stages, so things are kept fresh, most important and interesting as well as challenging. Even you will face some rare foes like a gem goblin, so be alert.

The Controls of the game are simple and straight forward especially if you’ve played other slingshot-style puzzle games before. And in the game You’re in charge of the cannon on the stage where you drag your finger around the screen to aim the cannonballs, then aim for fire. The trajectory shows up a dotted line, and you can adjust the strength form weak to strong. Your stash of cannonballs is shown in the top left, with special cannonballs have various colors. Due to this it’s important to take advantage of powerful cannonball effects like the explosive power of the fiery meteor.

In the beginning of the levels you will deal with orcs but later on, the king’s soldiers are out in the front lines to try and defend castle. You can take help of cannons but make sure not to destroy soldiers before orcs are cleared out otherwise The the levels are failed. Eventually you will gain access to the power-ups items which will help the soldiers out like shields to protect them from hits. You can choose variety of helmets in the shop for the soldiers and decorations for the cannon, still they have no effect on gameplay itself these things can be purchased by earning stars or you can use gems to buy them. The gems are like the premium currency in the game which can be obtained in the game as you play. If you earn gems that allows you to collect a handful of gems evry couple of hours. This will eliminate the need of in-app purchase.

I found game to be pretty easy in the beginning but things are getting a bit difficult once I passed level 20. The game looks great and music is satisfying and game is fun and fairy challenging for everyone.