Beautiful Point-And-Click Adventure ‘Samorost 3’ Is out Now on the App Store

‘Samorost 3’

Genre:Point&Click Developer:Rob Funnell

The game Machinarium which was released in the year 2011 was stunned by its aesthetic beauty and also incredible narrative puzzle design. with judiciously with efficiently designed which is not even single pencil-drawn sprite out of place. where Machinarium transcended virtually evry point- and click experience on the Appstore. And Botanicula was next Amanita Design iphone release the elements of the game became so famous the former title is memorable and expanded into an equally beautiful natural premise. Samorost which was released today on the APPSTORE FOR $4.99. which is continuation of  hit indie games Samorost and Samorost 2 and its an Amanita esign’e biggest and most impressive work. You travel into some incredible detailed environments across nine unique and varieties of alien worlds.

samorost 3

Samorost 3 concept is same of the eponymous series, which was on 2003 on PC while trademark Amanita aesthetic is present with mix of photographic and hand drawn visuals, and  Samorost 3 gives you concept of older siblings will provide some absolutely breathtaking beatuy of locations with the same thought point and click puzzle gameplay. In this beautiful game is tasked with travelling across the cosmos to find the origins of the magical flute that grants your character their powers. While areas are normally dominated by only few points of interest amidst the lush backdrops- youn have to explore lots of secrets to discover and a group of thingsor people habitats to interact with. Shade is prominent in Samorost 3. While not much of a challenge but makes a adventure game

Its hard to describe a game Samorost3 only screen shots and videos can justice. Samorost3 on mobile is an absolute steal. And has got positive reviews on other platforms describing a very special experience. For players who enjoyed Machinarium or Botanicula game which enjoy more. If you are looking for extremely immersive and premium adventure title on IOS Samorost3 is not one to be missed. If you have tried pc version and try ios port to go.