StoneBack Prehistory By Ivan Matskevich Explore the world of StoneBack prehistory

StoneBack Prehistory

Genre:Adventure Developer:Ivan Matskevich

StoneBack Prehistory

The game StoneBack Prehistory developed by Ivan Matskevich were it takes you back to the world of stone age which is very challenging and also unique type of games. I was looking for some interesting games due to my busy life schedule I was very tired and bored so I suddenly saw Stoneback prehistory games it just took a glimpse of the game icon thought to give a try. I immediately became  was huge fun of it and very aesthetic game.stoneback

First time I played these unique type of game which was relaxing and very challenging. Speaking about visual it will fall in a line of flat and minimalistic design and colors are bright and vibrant also nice mix of colors with gradients which takes you back to stone age with dinosaurs . Animations are buttery smooth and fluid and neat design. Background colors of the game change to day and night environment also you can experience landscape by enjoying this stoneage game. And this game is developed for whole family developer has done a excellent job keeping every small thing in mind with lots of effort. Soundtrack is very delight to ear I prefer players to use headphones. Controls of the game are simple and straightforward.stoneback2

The theme of the game makes you immerse yourself in prehistoric world with experience of variety of dinosaurs you come across, and can take help from new peoples on your way. Task of the game is to survive in this dangerous world by collecting eggs of various dinosaurs and by avoiding obstacles in this dangerous journey. Beginning of the game you feel quit easy but as you move on game’s complexity increases and you can master it after dieing many times or by planning in most effective way. The world of Stoneback is full of challenging and you can move any directions with no borders and all dinosaurs are not dangerous only sleeping dinosaurs are very aggressive and you have to collect tools and equipment which will support you to survive in the world.

I recommend to you to try this game once which is unique by its artstyle and overall theme. start the quest in this huge world and meet various wonderers  makes you crazy to play again and again also you achieve great reward after completion of successfully quest.