Roll to recover Captain Quill’s hat in Tilt:Quill’s Quandary

Tilt: Quill’s Quandary

Genre:Puzzle  Developer:Noah Rosenfield

The game Tilt:Quill’s Quandary developed by Noah Rosenfield is cute little hedgehog that entire family can enjoy the game. If you are already fan of titles like Manowar and Domino Drop then you would try to play Tilt: Quill’s Quandary.

I guess most of them like hedgehogs especially the one you find in video games the blue hedgehog, but it doesn’t mean that there is no room for other cute litte prickly friends. I am a big fan of puzzle games, and when you add in charming little an animal to the mix. Well the games  becomes adorable.The game Tilt:Quill’s Quandary has a beautiful art style that I fell in love at first sight also game falls in the line of flat and minimalistic visuals which is very popular even today. It still has charming, delightful, and pleasing personality. The color is bright and vibrant and nice mix of color gradients. Animations in the game are smooth and fluid with nice reliant on tilting. The soundtrack is whimsical and soothing and overall the game is adorable.tilt

The  puzzle game Tilt: Quill’s Quandary is based on levels that are split up across 10 different chapters which are ships in this case and also there are 10 levels for each ship, so you have many puzzles to solve. The task of each stage is to help captain Quill to recover his lost hat, and this can only be done by rolling him to the next floor through detailed puzzle became more complex as you go. While things here is fairly easy and straighforward but things get complicated once you reach more level also new mechanics are introduced along the way.

Controls in the game are fun and it takes some better practice to master it. As we know this game can be played by tilting your device as we tilt captain Quill will roll and the cargo boxes in the ship will also slide around. You have to search a way to grant Captain Quill safe way to the ladder which leads to deeper into the ship and sometimes keys are necessary. And it’s best to pla with tilt sensitivity in this game and sometime you can move only Captain Qill around without disturbing the cargo boxes-this is main key practice is necessary.

There are no stars in the game to earn or points to rack up Tilt, and game is quit fun also there is no replay once you clear all stages, I think game is very challenging one and will take time to beat all. Graphics are gorgeous and music is fun. So you cannot resist cute pirate hedgehog .

I recommend giving Tilt: Quill’s Quandary give one try which is physics-based puzzle games with no-inn app purchase.