Prison Run and Gun By Adrian Kumorowski escape from the prison to save yourself in this action play game.

Prison Run and Gun 

Genre: Action Developer:Adrian Kumorowski


The game developed by Adrian Kumorowski The tiny little boy jake is an infinite runner from the prison in this retro puzzle platformer the game is similar to Mos Speedrun 2. The pixel games are really fun this will take back to 90’s during my childhood I love to play infinite runner game. whenever I get free time I use to play the games which will give me great relief and to kill time.

hotgun2Speaking about visual they are simple and has minimalist design, colors are bright and vibrant hues and speaking about background color is grey with smooth and fluid and animation are aesthetic and neat. Soundtrack is whimpical and soothing but music is missing when you play the game only visible during selection level adding more adorable factor overall. Task of the game is you have to escape from prison to save yourself from your opponents by shooting them, you will get powerful guns where you can shoot your opponents infinitely along your way. Also prepare to die many times this game seems quit easy but has you move on to your progress level complexity of the levels will increase. As you play more you will get better hold of the game and become a master in it.

controls in the games are simple and straight forward you come across varies obstacles in hotgunsthis battle mode game like huge items start to fall upon you, moving motors firing mans escape tactfullly with your shooting skills. You can check your current location using map also check out the way to come out and various mode like normal challenging and Brotal select which ever you want and story mode, challenging mode, experimental and puzzle I prefer to go for standard mode. And arrows will guide you the path where to go and finish the game.

I recommend you to play this challenging game with lots of fun and action play. With modern gameplay and mechanics and I love the crazy shooting style of a tiny little man jake.