Help Greg the Chameleon reach the popcornin Pull My Tongue

Pull my tongue

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Noodlecake Studios.


While we enjoy most of the games  of IOS one of my genres for the platform are the puzzles. I mean who doesn’t love puzzle game to keep themselves stimulated and also big entertainment. And when throw adorable characters its hard to just not love them. The game Cut the Rope is one of my favorite game with cuddly little om nom character. While cut the rope is famous for his own style now the time has come to try something new character with cute, green creature and pull my tongue has done a wonderful job, especially considering game has done by only one guy and audio by patrik jarlestam and developed by Noodlecake Studios.

The art style in pull my tongue is very stunning and its clearly inspired from the game Cut The Rope. Greg the chameleon is lovely with the green body and all of the small details that bring him to life. The Greg finds himself on his quest to get some delicious popcorn the environment is beautiful and with realistic backgrounds and textures. The stars and obstacles in a puzzle games are cheerful and inviting, animation are smooth and fluid soundtrack is whimsical and quirky. The sound effects are indeed fun and finishing touch.

Like other game Pull my tongue worlds are like chapters and total you can play 15 levels in each with a 90 variety of puzzles. If you acquire enough medals you can unlock three bonus stages and also collect enough stars to gain access to the other worlds with the help of in-app purchase all levels can be unlocked. The task for Greg is to stretch his tongue out as far as possible to reach the popcorn and also achieving three stars by escaping from obstacles like zappers, spikes, chewing gum, balloons and more. Things gets more complicated as you move on

Talking about controls in pull My Tongue are simple just touch-and-drag creatures’s tongue to pull and stretch it around obstacles. To collect stars Animal’s touch should be touching it by the time you reach popcorn and automatically withdraw once you reach a goal but don’t get fooled because tongue isn’t infinite. Greg’s tongue change its color to purple if you have reached the limit of stretchiness, so main goal of the puzzle is to get the  tongue to the popcorn in possible way by avoiding opticles that hurt the green chameleon.

Since the puzzles can be tough and you have to replay id levels you get only one or two stars and earn the medals for bonus stages which adds to replay value. There is game center support for leaderboards and achievements which makes you come back and play the game. Use hints if you get stuck and more levels can be unlocked through in-app purchases.
I’m enjoying the game a lot and the graphics are cute and charming, this gameplay is definitely something different that hasn’t been done before also puzzle has to be appreciated due to unique idea