Top 10 Mobile games of the week Aug 2016 enjoy these new games and have fun

1.Magic Mansion

Genre:Arcade Developer:Nitrome

Magic mansion is developed by Nitrome with monochromatic graphical style the comparision between Leap day and Magic Mansion are extremely understood and retro pocket sized platformer game with one touch gameplay you can control variety of unlockable characters like from Cat, rabbit or witch and must climb the magic mansion by collecting coins and avoiding enemies through the journey the game all about climbing the delightful tower by jumping and escaping from obstacles and the game has one off in-app purchase.



2.Space Marshals 2

Genre:Role playing Developer:Pixelbite


The adventure of outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. The tactical top-down shooter game puts you in the shoes of expert Burton against the criminal elements of the world. This game is not just ordinary dual stick shooter importance is given to tactical, secret  and combating style against the criminal elements of the world. Tactical combat can be achieved by avoiding attacks by taking cover and by avoiding enemies surrounded by yourself, you can also use some tools to gain an edge like flash bangs, drones, gun turrets, frag grenades and much more. When there is danger use powerful equipment like distraction instead of guns blazing. There are many shooting tactics like body armour and grenades also you can carry one-handed or two handed gun. like Shotguns, assualt rifles, sniper rifles and crossbows, energy weapons, throwing axes and many more.

Speaking about animation stylistic HD graphics with bright and vivid hues color. also support Mfi controller support.



Genre:arcade Developer:Semidome Inc

Nightgate is about challenging reflex arcade game where after all life has died on earth only network of intelligent computers is the last remaining life form on earth. And if your are already a fan of abstract -style games like Semidome which include Kotoro and Last Voyage then you will definetly try Nightgate.


The visuals in Nightgate are beautiful and minimalistic design. The game features detailed geometric shapes and lines that move around seamlessly and flow right into each other in a pseudo 3-D setting. The colors of the shape and lines are bright and vibrant with pitch black backgrounds. The plan ot the game is simple and give a story on the surface. In the year 2398 a network of intelligent computers are only remaining of the left Earth. You have to travel to dark world and futuristic its not easy to explore what lies beyond the digital landscape. The game has total 50 handcrafted levels the goal is to guide white flicker of light to the colored dots and eventually follow another sentient dot to the gate that leads to next level. If you come across red bullets and bars that will kill you if you run into them so be careful.


4.Defend Your Turf

Genre:Strategy Developer:Stephen Folkes.

In a small town somewhere on earth, there are bunch of guys dressed in red  hate bunch of guys dressed in blue with no reason your main goal is to guide red men to the victory with abilities like cunning, dropping cars on peoples heads. game looks quite easy at the beginning and as you move in progress in levels things get more complicated you can challenge your friends with Game center Leaderboards and achievements. There are total 36 levels to play.



5 .Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon warfare is a tower defense game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers. You gain more powerful traps  when you successfully  pass your dungeons throughout the world from invaders. You can upgrade your traps by killing the invaders and also gain experience.Some of the traps are Spike, Trap, Bolt Trap, Infero Trap and game have total  of 12 difficulty modes this gives you trill to play


6. Endless Rush – A Sunborn Rising Game 

Genre:Racing Developer:Neoglyphic Entertainment

This game is about six winged dynamo searching and collecting the nectar through trees you can play this game by experiencing beautiful landscape in the endless journey of six winged creature. Avoid the obstacles through various tactics and collect more nectar by zooming through tree and escape from dangerous botanical obstacles. You can collect boosts for the completion of edges. like slow motion, hearts and Nectar, Multipliers.


Graphics are really beautiful no words to explain. Background are hand drawn painting with bright and vibrant hues and unique with nice canvas like texture. everything is done in a rather humorous and cartoonish style.


7.George of the Jungle Owie Owie

Genre:Arcade Developer:Moonray Studios

Every one loves George of the jungle and he is one of my favorite hero of my childhood . Due to his funny nature and now he is back in the Appstore everyone can play the favorite character you can explore 4 new world jungles, waterfall and Thicket , gasp mystery level and enjoy the landscape. Task of the game is George of the jungle needs your help to collect the light bugs as much as you can and make a bloodthirsty army and jump high as you can but watch out for rock, and thorns,  bat. He can choose costumes of his type.

george ofthe junglegoogleappstore

 8.Lost Maze
Genre:Family  Developer:ZHIPENG WANG

A girl named misty has lost her way to home, and she was living in the maze in the darkness of the deep inside the maze has swallowed all the happiness of her memory the girl is on a adventure ride and we should guide her home safely. Guide the little girl in the series of challenging puzzles and bring back her home safely. There are tota 60 levels you can enjoy and collect treasures to unlock different fun characters.
9.Pixel Dodgers

Genre:Arcade Developers:Big Blue Bubble
Pixel Dodgers is a 8 bit retro action play games and act fast as you can to dodge many pixel blasts before being blown to smithereens. you can choose many characters from pixel Dodgers with its own unique skills has you dodge your way through beautifully contained 8-bit worlds. The graphics of the game is is beautiful with 2-D gameplay. Six unique and challenging worlds you can unlock.

appstore10.Raccoon Pizza Rush

Genre:Racing  Developer:Kongregate
Racoon pizza Rush is a fast paced action game you need to help Rocky in his pizza business which is new start in a New York City. Food on demand is a big business in the city that never sleeps! you start business by delivery hot pizza and even friends can help in his new business to grow also you can deliver icecream and susi. Deliver pizza and become a Enterpruneur. And also be careful from getting crushed by a traffic you have be careful for mouse who keeps running at the same time he has to reach his destination.