CarFuel_4The Car Fuel-up diary is for tracking and managing the fuel-up history, it let you stay on top of fuel consumption of your car and control the fuelling car money.

CarFuel_1The app supports:
– Multiple Vehicles.
– weekly, monthly, 30-days, yearly view.
– Associate your Fuel-up diary with FaceBook/Google/VKontakte account
– Share the events by FaceBook, Email, others
– Rich statistics per Fuel-Up event, ability to visually compare the Fuel-up with last 6 previous

CarFuel_2Bar charts for selected period:
– fuel/distance (Gal/100 miles or L/100km),
– MPG,
– $/mile ($/km),
– $/gallon ($/litre)

CarFuel_3Access to your fuel-us:
– Save, edit, add notes, geolocation details, images related to fuel-ups.
– Save pay-slip image for later reference, share it
– Navigate right to same fuel station with navigator of your choice

Use favorites
– Remember the best fuel-up events to get instant navigation direction