Dash and Slice Through Foes in Bushido Bear from Spry Fox

Bushido Bear

Genre:Adventure Developer:Spry Fox, LLC.

This is one of my favorite cuddly little square-shaped bears. If you’re already fan of Triple town or Alphabear then this will also one of your favorite game.

Many people always love cute little adorable animals because those are stars in the game. While triple town came out may years ago, It was a huge hit and I didn’t get into back then, Because I was on match three burnout at the time. So when I heard about spry Fox were going to come out with a game based on little bears I couldn’t resist. Soon I became addicted to Alphabear and even ordered an iphone last year that has an gorgeous pattern of the different bears. Bushido Bear is a action game that will keep you on toes. Visually Bushido Bear is stunning that has to be expected from Spry Fox. The game design is hand-drawn aesthetic and the bears, all have unique outfits and personalities. The colors in the game are bright and vivivd design, make even more gorgeous. And enemies in the game have there own outfits and behavior patterns, and all animation in the game are buttery smooth and fluid. If you ever played Triple town or Alpha bear you wont be surprised to see Spry fox has retained their style throughout all their games. The sound track of the game follows the traditional samurai-ninja warrior theme which is very relaxing ans soothing.


Bushido Bear has only one mode, that is to survive as long as possible. In this game there are no levels just to fight with hordes of enemies  to slash your way through. Each day there will be three quest will be generated you have to complete with some nice rewards. This feature gives longevity to the game also you cannot possibly rush through any quest in one day.

The game in Bhusido Bear is very simple and you need a little practice to get the hold of game. You can find small circle appearing on the arena which point out when incoming enemies are appearing, so avoid standing idle for long time. Each waves of the enemies are different too, so its not the same thing. To attack draw a path through your finger and your bear will dash on that path with swords on both sides with slicing up any nearby opponents. To just move around without attacking tap on the spot where you want to go – this will be good to collect the bonus. The game starts with the forest arena, and after completing many quests more environments will be available.


The game continues until you die or getting killed by enemy. If you collect multiple bears then there will be an option to injure your fallen bear with another one in your cute arsenal. Each bear has their own attacks such as slow bear but has harder to hit, carrying big swords and plenty of others. As you play Bhusido Bear, you have a opportunity to earn more gold coins. These coins can be used in the Dojo purchase for upgrading each of your bears, which means longer the sword and faster the attack speed or better dash control.
If you are looking for more bears and customizing the trails then bears leave behind their wind and fury, then you have to be bit more patient. That’s because you should collect several tokens of each before they are available for you to use. This is available from the shrine, or you can watch video and get a free gift, which will have coins or tokens. This is very annoying and it will give more reasons to keep coming back to play the game again. Each bear which is available in the game has their own special attack and abilities that can be activated with certain conditions on the battlefield.