Solitaire and Roguelike RPG Come Together in the Amazing Solitairica


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Righteous Hammer Games


Solitairica is a fun game with roguelike RPG developed by Righteous Hammer Games. If you are big fan of RPG combat and roguelike progression then card games are your choice of game called Solitairica.

Solitaire is a game that every one loves to play from young age to old people or for a whole family whether you want to make time pass before leaving to work or school, or to give your brain just stimulation. I use to play solitaire on my old PCs whenever I had a chance as a kid, and I was very happy and satisfying. In recent years I have developed the interest to play roguelike games due to there RPG characters use in gameplay also during my high school years on. So when I heard about solitaire which made me eager to play at the same time game launched on steam earlier this year, now this has arrived on IOS . This is one of my favorite game you should not miss it.

The graphics in Solitaire are unique and gorgeous everything is rather cartoonish style and good sense of humour. The background of the game is hand-drawn with nice canvas-like texture, the neat graphics make enemy monster avatars and cards look fantastic in retina screen.  All of the enemies have there own unique appearance and little explanation that make them stand out. The colors in the game is bright and realistic and dark, frighting hues on the main map give a nice contrast with the card backs with monsters. The animation are butter smooth with fluid and no lag on my iphone 6s plus. The sound effects of the cards and monsters are comedic and fun.

In this game you take a role of a warrior who is the last chance of the land Myrroid has to defeat the evil Emperor Stuck and his dark forces win and win the battle by recovering all of the stolen hearts. To achieve goal you have to do this but you need to face enemies who will stop you all possible ways. You have to engage in turn-based battles through solitaire and collect the four energies like attack, agility, defense and willpower to overcome your opponents and continue the castle of stuck. There are different areas which are noticed through colors on the back of the face-down card on the map-screen, you’ll meet many different types of foes. each one had their own speciality that you’ll have to understand and plan ahead. Each time solitaire is different and when you die you should start over again. The best part is watching your game progress and get better at time and practice.


So how exactly we battle in solitairica as I mentioned in previous session you and the enemy take turns. On your turn, you check the card drawn and the tap on the card stacks that displays cards that are one higher or one lower than the drawn cars, just you are in solitaire. Once all cards are cleared in board you will be the winner. If you cann’t find the match for the card sequence then you’ll have to draw another one, Then the enemy draws the card from there stacks. If you look closely at each card there colors are different. orange for attack, green for agility and blue for defense purple for willpower. As you successfully complete stack cards. you will collect energy which is displayed in bottom right. When you have a lots of energy of certain kind and your equipped spells which is in bottom will be available for use. tap to activate.

The spells can be used to get rid of unwanted cards, and set up shields to prevent taking damage to your health if you reach zero you lose the shields check next card and heal yourself. After clearing stages you earn coins, these coins can be spent in the shop between battles to get new spells and equipment items increase energy gained or maximize your health points these energies will help to fights. You have to read which spells or item does well so use in the battle. If you can’t afford spell or items then spend 10 coins to hols it for the next visit, since shop will rotate spells and items after every round. your selected characters can have up to 4 items equipped and have a maximum upto 6 spells in battle.

When you move further in the game and move closer to castle stuck then you will find tough battle between enemies and much better loot in the shop, though it ends up being more expensive too. After completing each journey you can earn wildstone that can be spent to upgrade cards like Queen boosts, king, Ace and even purchase new decks that can change your play style. Along with procedural generated run each time you play and achievements to earn, Solitairica has high replay value.