Dragonlings – Baby Dragon Jump Adventure By RisingHigh Studio

Genre:Adventure Developer:RisingHigh Studio

When I think about Dragonlings first thing flash into my mind is Jurassic go game which is released on Aug 9. This game is entirely on magical world of jumping in the supernatural realms. In this quest you will help little dragolings to find in search of stolen magical eggs and along the way you have to avoid Flowers that split venom and weird poisonous puff mushrooms, rock cutting saw, and bouncing bombs and exploding lava. and you have to survive avoiding all this obstacles

dragon2 And you have to guide the baby dragon through 3 enchanting worlds where you jump all the way by avoiding all obstacles. There are 45 levels to complete and you can choose 16 unique dragolings to complete the levels, also you need to uncover some levels so this keeps the thrill to play the game and come back again.


While playing the game you can enjoy landscapes and dodging Landslides , Lava Eruptions  just relax. Speaking about visual with a minimalist design, bright and vibrant hues. The color themes are gorgeous with soft and fluid with no lag on my iPhone 6s Plus, Music is melodious. I recommend you to were headphones during gameplay. And even though it sounds  things are easy at the beginning and get more tricky as you move on to the progress level. So this make game very challenging one. Overall RisingHigh Studio has done excellent job with Dragonlings graphics and music since you feel immersed in this quest when you play the game.