Get ready to experience a lot of emotion in this touching point-and-click adventure game about World War I.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Genre:Action & adventure Developer:Ubisoft

WWI Puzzles

I have never spent much money on any game as this one and honestly to say it was worth every penny on this app. A game with both benefits educational as well as its mechanics . This game takes you to the history and experience the trill of world war I. And put the energy in the ground of world War I themed puzzle adventure game. And you can choose different characters that has there own abilities as you progress through the levels in the battlefield.


What is it about?

This great war is the forth part of episodic game inspired by letters from world war I that provides a point and click adventure style game that has been now ported to the touch platform and this game made in animated comic book artstyle and its very surprising to say game is relatively designed in historical accurate which is really a surprise. The game storyline follows the timeline of the actual war, and the different characters each play a important role. You start your journey from the french countyside to german prisoner and to the trench warfare, and solving puzzle on the way.  In the Valiant hearts you are highly engaged to see whether you are actively engaging yourself for progression to findout what happens next.


Why we love it?
In Valiant Hearts we help heroes to survive in this great war and player has been lost in maze and we help young soldier to find his lost love. This game helps you to take back memory of historical adventure and battles on the Western Front, such as the Battle of the Somme or the Battle of the Marne or . This game has got beautiful hand-drawn artwork and has a cast of amazing characters which will make you feel get attached to know better. And puzzle is challenging one.