Space Grunts is developed by Pascal Bestebroer with both the mix of arcade and action style and fast-paced roguelike gameplay.

Space Grunts

Genre:Strategy  Developer:Pascal Bestebroer

Space Grunts is developed by Pascal Bestebroer with both the mix of arcade and action style and fast-paced roguelike gameplay. If you already played games like I wanna Be A Hero or The Nightmare Cooperative, The Space Grunts is your style.  Rougelike games is very challenging one and have become very popular nowadays. Even though most of them are helly difficult gives you thrill to play plus it will add fun what kind of stuff it will give in each run and how much perfect it can be made. Some of the orangepixels hit games are Groundskepper 2 and Heroes of Loot, so its natural I will try Space Grunts.


Talking about Space Grunts orangepixel style, This game as got awesome pixel style, with retro 16- bit pixel art graphical style. If you come across classic games system such as SNES and SEGA genesis then you feel you are selected right game to play. The game as got full of finer details and textures and full of characters and rather bouncy also animations are smooth and fluid. The atmospheric soundtrack pulls you into the game world. Speaking about controls in space Grunts are simple and straightforward. Like in the bottom left is a virtual D-pad for moving your characters  down, up, left and right. On the right side of the screen, there is a button for attacking selected weapon, which is located in top left corner. There are 3 you can choose like rifle, frag and plasma. Each of them as there own unique range, which is indicated as red outlines that show up in front of your character as you move. If you want to use weapons then just tap on the button that is above the attack button. To see your current location you can check in the map button that allows you see which level you’re on and all the rooms which you have visited so far. This map is useful to see which position you are in and where to go if you’re stuck. Then you pick any items you go into inventory which can be used later by tapping on the backpack button on the left side. Wherever you move it gets counted and the enemies are able to move after you do.space2

Each button can is in default position and game doesn,t have customization. you can rearrange the position of buttons through drag and drop gestures and a button lets you quickly reset back to the default position if needed. The drawback of the D-pad buttons is I felt there is lot of spacing between all 4 direction buttons and sometimes it takes multiple taps from me before we plan to move where we want to go. I feel customization options allow you to adjust the spacing between the D-pad buttons hopeful developer consider this in future also.

So speaking about the game Space Grunts the games story takes place in 2476, where earth’s own space-federation has been building several fancy moon- bases across the galaxy. However a distress signal has been coming from one of those bases and the space Grunts is a group of intergalactic “problem solvers”, are sent out to investigate the signal. in the game you ca select three Space Grunts they are Caption, strongarm and techjunky ezch having there own strength and weakness that can be seen before starting a game. The stats for each character include strength, tech and luck. Addictionaly you’ll be able to unlock alternative versions of each Grunt

The objective of the game is to guide your Space grunt  to the moon-base that has been sending danger signal in order to find what exactly happend there. The task is easier said than done, because you’ll have to fight robots, nasty aliens, security drones and get past defensive systems to reach goals. Space Grunts splits everything up into several levels and each level has interconnected rooms to explore. And you can use weapons to get rid of enemies and use them to open boxes and crates for more ammo, and get rid of aliens that can hurt or harm you. And there are lots of secrets to explore and game has got great mix of exploration and action going on. And the levels are procedural generated, this won’t be always the same thing twice. this will lead to high repay value and there are many game centers achievements to obtain as well. And even though you get suck in game you have to comeback to space Grunts just to kill yourself.

Overall this game is fun and entertainment with roguelike action arcade game. I love retro style game and music is rather smooth and dealing with post-apocalyptic moon-base. And controls are very simple and easy this game is for you go for it.