Dan the man has soft-launched on iOS developed by Halfbrick. The game is a creator of Ninja fruit and Jetpack Joyrid.

Dan the man

genre:Action Developer:Halfbrick

Dan the man is an action platform by Halfbrick that is based on awesome web series on the same name. I love these web cartoons, The game Dan the man is takes place just after the last episode of the web series and puts you in his shoes of Dan himself in this story he tries to fight back the opponent monarchy who is using his towns people as slaves to save his kingdom This is the last episode of the web series which sets the stage Dan the man the video game

The game was actually soft-launched on Android as back as GDC, now I am happy to see the game has been launched on IOS atleast on New Zealand and Australia and other possible countries. I was seeing this game long time coming and this gave me a sign that finally approaching on official release.


dan ji

The game is creator of famous Ninja fruit and Jetpack Joyride and there are total 12 action packed levels in the game. Where you can use all your Technics like kick, punch, blast against your opponents. Story in the game is you have to save your girlfriend who is fighting for survival and can Dan save his girlfriend its you who will decide on your journey so all the best.