Heroes of Normandie this war is hellishly good . Check out.

Heroes of Normandie

Genre:Action Developer:Slitherine Software UK Ltd.


If you love strategy games, what is it about them that gets you hooked? Is it about over huge theaters in thd epic campaigns to prepare yourself for the ability like commanding huge armies and have them engage in the fights. I love the games which tell stories, where soldiers actions are nice to watch and sometimes painful. Heroes of Normandie, This game remainds me Devil Pig Games board game with same name its a kind of war-game with small unit of army with small battlefield and its celebration its inspiration from the classic, bombastic  WWII movies like A Bridge Too Far and The Dirty Dozen.

You can also get some funny scenes in the game like cows can launch grenades and dogs carry documents which gives Heroes of normandie a comedic substance with great stories. And game stands as one of the best board game and with its rules and abundance of content. The scenarios in the future and prospect of additional units will make one of my best game in ios strategy game.


In heroes of Normandie battles is done in small maps, and you use less command than a dozen units at a time. And units range from a machine guns ,anti-armour, mortars, recon and fire-teams different kinds of armor and vehicles. Each unit has a defense value, movement range, attack  against infantry vehicles, and tanks, as well as other special abilities like assaulting, ambushing and the ability to suppress the foes, and so on. All the abilities are explained well and  guide book of campaign helped me figure out pretty much all the details of the game’s mechanics outside things like zones of control. Fortunately, the game has a set of rules written in the  book of supplements the tutorial. Game’s order system is maintained well where you will get more opportunities you strategize and surprise your foes. Each time you get orders with bluff token, and you have to assign those orders in your units in order to activate them and in the beginning of the scenario, you’ll have more units than other and have to take painful decisions. You and the opponent can see what units of orders but don’t know order of activation nor which unit got the bluff order. and its your duty to try and figure out your opponents what he thinks try to counter his or her orders with yours.

Talking about units once it gets activated, you can do two things either move or attack. But some units can both move and attack on the same turn, but I guess there is penalty on the attack. And you have to decide which unit weapons or vehicle and whether to go for damaging a unit or suppress it. If you decide to surpress the unit’s you units combat value doubles but you don’t damage. And you have to face lots of penalty when you will attack and firing for rest of the turn. So its your decision to choose whether you want units safer or suppress them. Once units with there orders are activated, there’s the supply phase where all units that will not activate during the order phase can move. The other feature which added to the game is improved its tactical depth, I mean Action Cards. There are 32 cards for the US and 29 cards for Germany they can be play during a turn or before.  If you have 4 cards with you and can reject 1 or more cards hopeing to get better ones. These cards will do things for your better and odds  taking out enemies, allow an infantry unit to move on then attack with penalty and remove the order marker from an foes unit, and allow a unit to enter through window or door, repair a vehicle and many more. This cards will make games feel more unpredictable because everything is known from the action of one dice. you will be surprised as you watch your plans go superb. There was a thing my mission was about to steal some documents and you take them to edge of the map. So, when you realize you have 1 unit grab them this way i saved two cards this removed a suppress marker and used later to have sprint away and win me a mission.


This game has got lts of contents I think its easy to tell why I like this game and if you like strategy game you should try this one and system can be expanded using new scenarios and new battles.