Dungelot: Shattered Lands By tinyBuild LLC  its a third installment from Tinybuilt LLC

Dungelot: Shattered Lands

genre:action Developer:tinyBuild LLC

I think most of them have heard the movie Star wars and enjoyed watching it. But I heard lots of  complaints regarding its heavily copied from the first film A New Hope. It is said that they have intentionally copied some parts probably to remind people how they loved it and original trilogy and help them to forget the prequels. Like star wars trilogy Dungelot was heavely praised it was fresh and fun, then game dungelet 2 like Star Wars trilogy (the prequels) which was completely mess the game was quite confusing but new game free to play model and had bugs. Developers finally planned to rework on it and on 2nd month relaunched it later now we have come on third game Shattered Lands. Now they are in  right direction trying to remind what they loved the original. It’s a premium game with IAPs and has gorgeous visual style not and also not so  confusing to play. If you have never played the first game then basic idea is what if minesweeper was dungeon crawler. But if you’re a minesweeper fan its great. Each level is presented with board of tiles that must be uncovered to move on. Its a mystery what is hidden under each one so at first you should tap of whatever direction you are and sometimes you find the enemies you have to either ignore or defeat it. whether those foes are standing in your way or not you just have to find the golden key to enter deeper into the dungeons.

sattred dungeon

And as you move on you will uncover useful items and skills like throw knifes, bomb and spells. There are tons of different mechanics and systems to play in the game that lets you play in variety of ways like if you unlock the weapons that will deals with more damages floor to floor as you uncover the key. If you want to take the game slower way just earn coins  however it will unlock pickace and focus on killing all foes in each floor it will give more bonus chest full and even more coins before moving to next level. There are few new things added to the series like weapons and new characters, mini games which are seen randomly between floors and in mansion you can buy boosts(like a gaint plant has 15 % power of eating monsters on the floor). This game is similar to original series like Dungelot its not a compliant its a nice way to explain the game the basic gamplay here is explore and fight with monsters and kill them and unlock weapons by earning more coins to make still more skillful all its superb fun. dunge2

But I can see some people are complaing about game is similar like its original series . Its a good thing because game is trying to bring back what what you loved about its original. I recommend to play this game because lots of better new things are added in this third installment compare to second series. Welcome back Dungelot