Dream Machine has plenty of new mechanics that make still more challenging game in its own way.

DreamMachine : The Game

Genre:puzzle Developer:GameDigits LTD

Dream Machine:The game by GameDigits Ltd reminds me classic game The Monument Valley and is an optical illusion puzzle game. This is a game I have been looking for from past some days because of my stressful day and heavy work. This puzzle will help me to unwind things. The game is similar to Monument valley and it clearly understand where this game has got inspiration from. However there’s enough difference between two games and it stand on its own. Explaining about game design is beautiful and looks similar to Monument Valley and minimalistic design with soft colored background and 3D rendered geometrical shapes with Escheresque-style architectures. when you’ll take a close inspection of a design you will be deceived by the optical illusions. Dream machine looks really beautiful in your retina screens with hazy environment making it feels even more like a dreamscape. soundtrack are really atmospheric and ambient that is delightful to listen to you.

Dream Machine:The storyline of a game is simple. In the beginning of a game you can find all small robots are working on their typical job in a cold and inhumane factory. Then one fine day a robot will fall asleep on the job, which is taken into account immediately. After just a moment your robot friend is placed in a machinery world and he will start his journey breakingfree from rules and finding freedom for your robot. The Dream Machine is split into different chapters with each different set of levels. Some stages will be short and straight forward while some levels are rather lenghty and takes more time to complete. So its our job to guide little robot in each end of the section of puzzle.


The controls in the games is simple. As the robot moves, you can tap on it to turn around at any time. If you tap and hold anywhere on the screen your robot will stop walking until you lift your finger. A robot speed will be changed with a 3D touch when timing is necessary to get across gaps and bridges. And you find switches, Levers and wheels just interact with them using fingers. They will effect the architecture in some form and other way. When new mechanics are introduced there will be instruction arrows and tips will guide you and  Players are rewarded for being speedy when you complete your stages. The faster you complete more “cogs” you’re awarded at the end of level. These cogs are used to get upgrades for your robot with faster completion of game within times better high scores on leaderboards. With this feature Dream machine has a bit more service than other game.

Dream machine game is more improved classic version with plenty of new fresh elements that will make you play game again and again. And I am eagerly waiting for new additional level packs in the future.