Divide sheep is a beautiful concept of math puzzle game and its about friendship. Also you can see things like sheeps are eaten, thrown, sliced up many more interesting

Divide by Sheep

genre:puzzle Developer:Tiny Build

This game is cute-yet macabre theme and the concept in a puzzle it includes math plus adds joy and you can solve it easily which is a casual -friendly. Its looks casual friendly but its bit tough need to use our brain also it has got deceptive theme and fun. This is math puzzler game, where game starts with trying to get different number of sheep on the rafts. On the different sizes of islands that are available, where your task is to kill some of the sheeps on purpose. Then wolves get involved and eats the sheep. But will be too heavy to move after that so need to use wolves in clever ways, also their is a circumstances you need get wolves back to rafts then lasers that split sheep in two get involved, so that sheep will combine back together on rafts. Try in all sorts like you must keep moving sheep, wolves, half-sheep and even pigs, around the islands to try and complete the objectives and achieve 3 stars. All the while sheep get eaten, will die, sliced up all in the name of pleasing the grim reaper, who needs friends, you can talk to sheep they are good conversationalists. you can easily get one star, but trying to get three star, however impossible they may seem , but possible. Its just often requires outside the box thinking. The levels may look impossible to solve puzzle because you have to rearrange the things a lot. I think its a well designed game but we need to put full potential to do some exploring concept. or atleast close to what it would be.


The beginning of the levels are very easy you will get 1 star and later you need to do many things to get two and three star scores to see later levels. Still you will be able to go next level by 1 star, because 1 star is just attainable. The later levels will be more challenging with mix of every tricky puzzles, and new elements are introduced at every intervals. This will help make the puzzles always great to solve 3 stars because you feel like you have figured out the tricky part and find solution always feel right. The game divides by sheep is so clever its macabre yet superb the sheep get eaten alive, sliced into pieces, but later combined back together. The wolves simply get stuffed silly and stuck where they are. But whole theme is just fantastic approach.

There are some things you cannot swallow like the game sometime itself leave you sitting there if the game is impossible to complete- like if there’s no other moves then you have only 1 option left with hit the manual finish button. you cann’t just simply press finish button. Solution is get good  gameplay and go for three star. But thats difficult in each stage I prefer  there is an end-level intelligence that could be put in to play. I suggest better this is on portrait mode. The reason I suggest because this is such a casual-friendly game I would like to play on phone while on the go in a 1 handed way and interface should change to account for portrait perspective.