Seize the Skies in Saber’s Edge and assemble a fierce pirate crew in this RPG puzzle combo

Saber’s edge

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Hibernum

If you love games like Strategy, role-playing and puzzle combinations, then you would definitely play the game Saber’s Edge. With the ultimate magic and technology, pirate crew and collect daily bounties and explosive team attacks, all are doing their great job to save the world from evil.

Make matches to attack

Team up your pirate group and pull through the colored stones to create chains. When you try to create longer chain, the more powerful the attack will be used in the game. And you can collect the special stones that will release even more fiery on the enemies.

sabersCollect daily bounties

Play the game each day you will be rewarded with free treasures like hero packs and armory. And check missions providing your rewards and check the daily bounties. you would battles many number of times so when you complete certain number of battles in certain number you can power-up your pirates with coins and other items available.

Summon the kraken

you can do so many things in saber’s edge not just pirate team attack but also you can use kraken. Your task in the game is to summon the gigantic beast by matching same color stones on the board . Then watch how it crashes down upon the enemies

In Saber’s Edge you have lots of option to boost and explore your game such as heroes with unique skills, moving to battlefields, upgrade your weapon and big boss battles. In this Saber’s edge 3D rendered graphics bring the universe to life and at the same time you will enjoy strategy puzzle games with RPG characters. This game is free in-app store with in-app purchases for bundles, packs and other game items