warhammer Action RPG ‘Eisenhorn: XENOS’ game developed by Pixel Hero games.

Eisenhorn: XENOS

Genre:Action Developer:Pixel Hero Games

This game developed by Pixel Hero Games , earlier they had developed ultra-underrated action RPG Spiral Episode 1. I have seen quick demo of the game at GDC 2016 this year march, one more great Demo of the game. People are very excited for Eisenhorn: XENOS to arrive, and we learned the game was set on wednesday, August 10th. The weirdness of digital app stores and world time zones hit again Eisenhorn: XENOS is available now and the game is full 3D adventure game,  similar like Xenos  and game is inspired from the famous first book in games author by Dan Abnett.


This game sets you  in the serious dark future of warmhammer and game lets you experience the thrill story of  Gregor Eisenhorn an Inquisitor and member of Ordo Xenos. He has been tasked to fight against and protect the powerful man from obstacles on your way. Players will play this stunt action game and experince the events of ‘Xenos’ as Gregor. by exploring the huge expanse of the warhammer 40k world you have never seen before and you get get varies weapons by unlocking it and utilize the most iconic weaponry. Players can choose the characters which will  accompany them during missions.