Reigns a card game developed by DevolverDigital. You are the king of your own kingdom


Genre:Card Developer:DevolverDigital

This is a card game. It’s basically concept of sit on a throne as a medieval king of modern  age and by swiping cards from right or left to make decisions. Nerial and company have manged to play reign’s such a way that each decision you take will have a weight or have effect on the kingdom. And there’s a curious in gameplay a long term game here, with secrets to discover and reach it. This gives unique concept beyond its amusing concept. How reign works game gives you countless events to deal with from various characters in the game only matters this will effect your kingdom.  Like a head priest will request to build a new church if you agree to his demand you will be offers more favor from him, and this will help to raise your support from the people. Or witch will request your help this will lower your standing in the church. If the church is too powerful, then pope comes and takes the things over, But if church is too weak, The pagans take run uncontrollably. warn  pagans people will; be too powerful the y will overthrow you and if people are too weak. then nothing is possible. A strong military will overthrow you, a weak military will lead yo to be damaged by your opponents. Runout of money its a big problem, too much money and die of heart attack still people celebrate how rich the kingdom and Death will come to everyone. There is one situation were you have to break the curse of the devil that has trapped you to experience every reign. The devil visits you in 666, returns in 1332, and finally in 1998, The game resets when devils decision is done visiting you. And is forcing you to eternal misery of being a restore monarch who can break the curse.. The game as built-in timer which helps you indirectly forcing you to do things on purpose, games various effects in play here is key. Once you hit 1998, you can reset the game and start over, but  atleast you will get an idea how will you win the game.


The cards play a major role, though they will specifically revealed only when you play with them. But circumstances change constantly depending upon the cards. Start a crusade even if you die your future rulers have that crusade continue so you need to play faster because you accidentally trigger a quality of resources when you make the wrong moves. It feels like your working for the people and managing various aspects of your kingdom along the way. And the game that take decision with cards. we need to explore lots of secret to reigns and it can be challenging some of them can be happen by hitting certain progress milestones in the game. I will say that it feels like you can hit a point when they get tougher, especially in the late game, to unlock, though its the matter of achieving.