Titan Quest is a Completely redesigned for touch-friendly for mobile devices, with High-quality graphics

Titan Quest

Genre:Action Developer:Dotemu

Titan Quest Originally this game was released on pc in 2006 and an action packed RPG game influenced from mythological background. The story behind this game is The titans have escaped from prison in the intension of destroying the earth. And The gods can’t stop them until the support of hero in this epic struggle. And you are the hero need to bring victory in this epic story.


In this hack and slash RPG game you are a hero, master the arts of archery, magic and swordsmanship to upgrade your character and to unlock awesome powers, explore ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Babylon and china, and fight against group of legendary creatures to win the victory. Discovery some to the item that will move you forward like enchanted bows, legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts and much more.


some of the features are adopted especially for mobile devices with high quality-graphics design and there are total of 80 different mythological creatures like Gorgons, Cyclopes Minotaurs and many more and total 1200 items to explore with 150 different character skills. This is the game of mixer non- stop action and mythology with hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay.