Battle Cars By Dracoders is a classic arcade top-down racing game with mini cars.

Genre: Arcade Developer:Federico Bigliocca

Battle Cars is a classic arcade top-down racing game with fast mini cars and funny weapons to destroy your opponents


Battle Cars is a classic arcade Top-down racing game. This game puts you on a track with useful tools to win. Tools that are useful during racing, this prevents from damage of a car like fancy vehicle upgrades to weapons of destruction. Battle racing is neat racing adventure with super explosive weapons to damage other cars in multiplayer races. Try to grab many coins as you can because with your earned coins you can upgrade your car super speeds and can handle better in tracks. And Features like career mode helps you to upgrade your cars and unlock new tracks.

Battle mode is a special mode  were you can switch from pure racing or better take on your friends online on the same device for some exciting racing competition. Battle cars puts you behind the wheels for the race of lifetime. The controls are same as normal car with steering on the left side and acceleration on the right. pick as many coins as you can and drive crazy and win victory.