Severed is a great Action RPG game, its a game for those who enjoy fighting with evil and deadly monsters 

Genre:Action Developer:DrinkBox Studios

Severed is a game developed by DrinkBox Studios with captivating dungeon crawling RPG adventure. Some people like games which shines on the mobile platform, and severed is one of those games. Severed is Morbid and most macabre game type, if you feel Severed limbs or arms bother you or shocks you, this game may not be for you.

Severed tells you story of sasha, one day who lost her family and discovered that she lost her arm as well, all alone in a world of nightmare. Her family has been captured by the evils and she is preparing herself to save them with only one arm, that’s going to be quite daring task. You’ll find mysterious creature gives her swords to fight against giant monsters. An armour of her mother is found in one room which appears to be her house, the sword becomes everything to her. Since Sasha has only one arm and impossible to have shield, Sword must also serve as her defence. She will face incredibly tough demons and she has to clear them from all those who comes in her way. she will use there cut off limbs to empower herself.


Moving around in Severed is easy — just tap on the right and left sides of the screen to turn around accordingly, and softly move two fingers around on the screen to look at your surroundings. which will be useful to pick up the items. There is also a mini-map in the top right corner that guides you where you are currently, where you’ve been, and what lies ahead. If you find items such as limbs or Keys, with one tap pick them up to add to your stash. If you find keys just tap on the locked doors to move forward and when you find glowing flame in front of you then its the indication of enemy being spawned and the battle starts when you reach the room. Once the a battle will commence its quit easy at the beginning as to just face single targets, but when you reach to an advanced stage there you will come across  4 foes, and on some special battles can have up to fight eight foes at once. You can target multiple foes just by switching tap on the sides of the screen to rotate, or jump over a foe quickly by tapping on their  icon at the bottom. By learning foes unique moves and weak points we can attack and defeat them.

When game starts, Sasha will have only more health meter but no mana. But as you continue your journey you will find heart and brain pieces to refill your health. When you cut off limbs of enemy monsters, you can use them as upgrades for Sasha. In the menu tool you can see what type of upgrade you can find, each requires certain number of specific limbs. I highly recommend checking out Severed if you like dungeon crawlers, puzzles, exploration games and RPGs. It’s a game that should not be missed, so just give one try.