Tiny Archers- become the greatest archery master and save the kingdom with your archery skills in this defense game

Genre:Arcade Developer:1DER Entertainment

This game is challenging, fantasy and action game were tiny archers save your kingdom from hordes of goblins and some strange creatures that siege your tower. There are three amazing characters in this game Dwarf, fairy and human they will save the kingdom from hordes of goblins and you can unlock magical arrows with powerful abilities. There are three different stories and 70 unique tower defense levels and test your skills with archery skills, Upgrade characters and collect resources with new magic arrows.


Discover new tactics and unique strategy to defend your enemies and explore eleven cities, dwarf mines, valleys and forests. Kill the enemies in blood mode, Exploding bodies and kill cam. I found this game very challenging and beautiful graphics with light music feel like watching movie and keeps the thrill in the game The graphics used here no words to say and  the game features a nice range of soft pastels to bright and vibrant hues and this is a level based game you have to clear each stage to move next level. So become greatest archery master and save kingdom using Fine bows and arrows.