You will enjoy these games which are super creative games released this month like Jurassic Go, Blitz Breaker, Crooked Path and many more.

1.Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures

Genre:Casual puzzle  Developer:BebopBee, Inc.


Players has to take pictures of dinosaur which is around the environment with only limited pictures and three best snaps are selected upon their quality, size and angle, best snaps are sent to photography museum. Deselected pictures with lower scores are sent through postcards. While playing, players can have fun with dinosaurs throw toys on them for fun or  play a harmonica in an attempt to attract the animals’ attention. Dinosaur Go has incredible animation and a relaxing soundtrack, kids and adults sure will love the heartwarming cast of dinosaurs



2.Blitz Breaker

Genre:platformer Developer:Reece Kelly

Blitz Breaker: is about robot trying to escape from the factory that they were built in. Blitz breaker has got awesome retro pixel art work which you will love and have, accessible game. The visuals of this game is similar to old 8-bit visuals that were popular back in the golden age of gaming  and amazing pixel art work style. This game is pretty simple Blitz Breaker is a robot try to escape from the factory where he was built in, every time factory try to break you and you would be helped by computer chip to escape. But robot cannot run he can only jump and do air dashes. This game features two game modes Arcade and story. In arcade mode you will be tested how many stages you can reach with your set of amount of lives, extra lives can be earned by collecting enough coins and in story mode player go through each area and levels just earning star without worrying about high scores and reach the end portal. The areas and levels in both modes are the same. So it’s a good idea to get through the Story Mode first before then move to Arcade, since it can help you practice your speed runs. On top of it all, Blitz Breaker needs to fight with four challenging boss battles that you’ll have to conquer, so you have to make sure your skills are top.


3.Crooked Path

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Ruvix Ltd

crokked path


Crooked Path is unique and beautiful one touch puzzle game runner with Atmospheric soundtrack and gives transformative message ” The path to your destiny, it will not be always straight” there will be many obstacles need to cross it and achieve progress in life same way this game is just like your life isn’t easy, there are twists and turns in the game with great visuals are gorgeous minimalistic.

4.The Secret of Grisly Manor

Genre:Adventure    Developer:Joe Kauffman

This is a point-click adventure game and perfect game for those who are fond of searching  for clues and solving puzzles, you will be played as grandchild of an engineer and trying to figure what he was doing all these years while cooped up in his house. You will be returning to his house after many years experiencing a dark and stormy night as you arrive at Grisly Manor and discovering new items that you can keep in your satchel and will be helpful to solve sometimes complicated puzzles. The dynamic map which shows you explored area and current location. The game includes Beautiful hand-painted graphics and hours of entertainment with loads of items to collect with subtle clues.



Genre:Arcade Developer:Sebastian Miedtank

Comblusion is all about connecting and collecting Dots and this game is fast-paced game in connecting Dots comparing to other puzzle games like Dots & Co in terms of features i want to say its simple and neat gameplay with minimalist style. The background of the game is black with colored Dots and lines that contrast nicely due to bright and sharp hues. In this game there are no levels you just have to play infinitely and as you play move further by scoring up the higher points. Once you connect the dots a new one appears. But you can,t cross upon previously drawn lines, here there is no end to connecting the dots unless you run out of time, which can be pretty fast. Sometimes items like extra time, gifts, point boosts will appear make sure you collect them before connecting to your next dot, as they disappear quickly.