Rush Rally 2 addictive game with over 72 tracks including legendary 12.42 Miles on a Peak Hill Climb. Enjoy racing against your friends and the best racers around the world.

Rush Rally 2

appStoregooglePlayGenre:Racing  Release Date:05/24/2016

Rush Rally 2 :Most authentic and thrilling game running good game graphics at speed of 60fps. You can race in all conditions like in rain, snow, night and rally. Through 7 countries, over 72 unique stages each with different surface types like snow, tarmac, gravel and sand. Take on legendary 12.42 Miles on a Peak Hill Climb. One of the best rally game on mobiles. When you start playing this game you feel pretty difficult at the first case as you warm up to the game, especially as you unlock higher classes of cars this becomes one of the best controlling, most satisfying rally racing games around. It has got good course design and fantastic visuals and highly customizable selection of cars, and great graphical settings, multiple game modes and several mini-games to break up the action.


You can choose design of a car and compete with friends or stranger via Google Play or Facebook. Just connect and search for friends, good control system designed especially for touch mobile devices. Full controller support is supported so you’ll have no problem playing the racing game and this app has no in-app purchase.