Hurricane_Blasters_3Hurricane Blasters By Feign Narula is an unique, challenging and fun arcade game. If you’re the type of person who just loves to sit back at arcades and hit hurricanes and want a new twist on classic gameplay, then Hurricane Blasters could be worth a look.

To talk about the design of Hurricane Blasters its magnificent. The torpedoes and the reflectors in the game are well placed, it looks so neat and elegant.

Hurricane_Blasters_1Since the background remains dark the colors of the torpedoes and the reflectors contrast nicely. The animations in the game are smooth and fluid. Even the background looks so magnificent with glittering objects in space.

The soundtrack in Hurricane Blasters is what I liked the most. It makes you sit back and hold on to the game for a longer duration. The sounds of the blast animations is also superb.

The controls in the game are pretty simple and straightforward. But the gameplay is challenging and fun. In Hurricane Blasters the torpedoes are on the top and will release balls in the colour they correspond. So a green torpedo will release a green ball, a red torpedo will release a red ball and a blue torpedo will release a blue ball.

Hurricane_Blasters_2You have reflectors in red, blue and green colours. The reflectors will only reflect the balls corresponding to their colour. You can move the reflectors around to set the direction of the balls you drop when you touch the torpedo.

Every time you hit a same coloured ball with a similar coloured hurricane, you get 50 points. Every time you hit a ball with a different coloured hurricane you get 10 points.

A hurricane is missed when it passes the screen above and the player could not hit it.
Initially 20 misses are allowed which are increased in the game when same coloured ball hits the same coloured hurricane 10 times, you get one extra miss.

The game is over when all the misses are over.

It’s been just 3 days I started playing this game and I am in love with this. The gameplay gets you addicted almost immediately. I recommend checking out this game if you are in search of challenging, unique and thrilling fun game.