If you’re getting bored with what you’ve got and want to try something new, check out the best new Android Apps of the week.



Dango helps to find out stickers,Gif,emoji and other various forms of media.You can use it any application to find the stuff you want without opening other Apps.This App will Support gif Format.App is free to use

InCell VR


Part game and part educational app, InCell VR is a spiffing-looking recreation of human cells, with the twist that you’re flying through them. The game part involves racing through the colourful environment outrunning a virus wave. It’s intense, but there’s science behind the fun.

Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks


The New app from HabitRPG! Rewritten from the ground up for a smoother experience and more features.It teachs life to take in a simple way .treat it like game to stay motivated and organized.And input your habits,your daily goals and your To-Do list .Its a perfect App to motivate youself  to accomplish anything.It makes simplr to have fun while accomplishing goals.


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Noisli is an app that helps for working and relaxing by producing background noise and colour generator also helps to concentrate due to annoying noises. Thus Enhance your productivity and to create pleasant audio environment.Makes your life easier and better.

DND Services(TRAI)

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DND Services helps smartphone users and they must register their mobile no under DND to avoid Telemarketing Calls,SMS.if subscriber still receives any sms or call,the app allows the user to register a complaint with their respective service provider. This recently released app is a total life saver. A must have for everyone.