Endless Colors is all about concentration and focus!

When it comes to coloring games Endless Colors is the top of the cream of addictive endless coloring games!

It is specialy designed for kids but it can be played by adults so you can test your concetration ability
Endless Colors is one of this cool games wich you can play when you in the bus,train on the way to school to kill some time!

In the beginning its all easy and nice, but as you progress it will be hard to concentrate on all this fast color changes, so make the best of it and compete with other players around the globe.


Endless Colors will give you red,blue,green,white,orange,purple,black,yellow and pink shapes and you need to pick the right one as fast as you can!
The game beginns with the timer set on 1sec so better e fast if you hit the right one you get +1sec, if not you get -5sec.

If you hit the right one you get +1sec, if not you get -5sec.

As the game progress it will be hard to concentrate and you will be make mistakes, so lets see how much can you take?

Endless Colors is the all time fun in coloring games categories!

Compare your achievements and leaderboards with people around the globe!

Can you focus and be the next color God?



-Play Game integrated compete with players around the globe with the global leaderboard system
-Unlock achievements
-Endless play
So download and join this color jam!