With Android system getting more and more popular among smartphone users, new and improved apps are produced every week. Each of these apps serves their own unique functionality. Here are five of the top trending apps of this week that you must have if you are a tech savvy person.

  1. Remente

Remente unlike other apps offers you programs and goals to get out of stress and depression. With the mood tracker set how you are feeling and Remente would offer solutions to improve your mood. You can also add notes on how and what made you feel like this.


  1. Pocket

Pocket lets you store webpages for later viewing. It is an extremely useful application and lets you save pages that you need to view later or are important to you. You can also share the pages to other apps as well!



  1. Evernote


Evernote is a powerful notepad application for your android phone. You can insert audio/video/images to your notes and save them to cloud to be accessed from anywhere and any other device. You can also upgrade to Evernote premium for more added features.


  1. Groupon


Groupon is a popular coupon app that gets you the best deals on businesses, restaurants and events near you. The coupons you find can be stored for later use too or you can use it immediately! You can use this app when on vacations too.


  1. Zedge


Customize your wallpapers, games, ringtones, and notifications tones with Zedge. It gives you tons of customization options and also has themes and tones for special holiday events! Now you don’t have to worry about going for different apps for themes and ringtones with Zedge.