Game modes

– Normal mode
– Easy mode – the balloons move slower, suitable for younger children
– Baby mode – larger balloons, no lives lost, the game stops after 1 minute of inactivity



Care should be taken to ensure the animal in a bubble doesn’t fly under the clouds, because they will be affected by the lightning and after that the game will end.


In order to collect stars, the animal in the bubble must touch them.
Stars can be excanged for the keys which, at the zoo, unlock the animals’ cages. After the cages of specific animals are unlocked, that animal begins to appear in the game.


By holding your finger on the screen you will create wind, which blows the bubbles around and moves them. Using the wind, you should blow the bubbles with the animals towards stars.

Black holes

A black hole can swallow the animal, and then the game will end. If there is a danger that the black hole could swallow the animal, you should destroy it with a touch of your finger.


Care should be taken to ensure that a star or a player does not touch the bubble with the bomb, because it will explode and will end the game. If there is a danger that a star could touch the bubble that contains a bomb, you need to destroy the star with your finger to ensure it doesn’t touch and activate the bomb.
It is best to blow the bubble with the bomb in away into a black hole, therefore destroying both the bomb and the black hole.


Empty bubbles

These needs to be destroyed in order to increase the scoring multiplier. With the score multiplier the points scored are higher, and you’ll also get more stars.


Over time, the clouds in the game increase and descend down, limiting the space. For the destruction of the clouds you can use rockets, which will come into the game after a certain period of time, or it is possible to get them by using stars.


In order to destroy the clouds it is necessary to launch a rocket. While the rocket is in flight, you’ll need to touch it with your finger to make it explode. Clouds will be destroyed if the rocket explodes close enough to the cloud.



When these burst it creates a stronger wind, which blows the surrounding bubbles and therefore can make things harder for the player.

Special balloons

A yellow balloon with stars triggers the bonus task with a large number of stars. This allows for the collection of a bigger number of stars for a short period of time.

A green balloon with rockets triggering a bonus task with 4 missiles. That helps the player to quickly destroy all of the clouds.

A blue balloon with bubbles triggers a bonus task with a large number of empty bubbles. This allows for faster scoring of point multipliers.