Violin Hero is an amazing musical game that you can experience playing with violin tunes through four differently positioned note lines.


As the note lines get on the tiny buttons, try to keep your finger on the top of the lines looking like a prism. Once you capture the notes on the buttons, it will unpause the violin piece along the game.


One of the best feature of the Violin Hero differentiating it from other rhythm games is its impressive correlation between the game play and the violin tunes. Unlike the regular musical games whose most of the notes are sent randomly, in Violin Hero, you can truly experience the feeling of you playing a real violin through four buttons.


As you continue to keep playing the violin pieces, you will have stack of coins, which will help you to unlock new pieces. Although the first version of the game consists of ten violin pieces including melodies of most popular songs, ten more pieces are coming really soon..

In addition to regular way of saving coins, there is also the market that will help you to rush the most enjoyable songs instead of going through all the pieces just to be able to reach those 🙂


Once you begin messing around with Violin Hero, at first it can make you feel uncomfortable due to the notes that are coming up repeatedly, but don’t forget that you can just drag your finger swiftly to activate the next button or both buttons at the same time. As you get used to the game play of the game, you will definitely feel the tunes and enjoy the game..

Have fun with violin tunes!!