I never knew adding effects to videos was so easy till I found ArtClip.

ArtClip – Create and Share Artistic Videos By Cezar Popescu is a magnificent app which helps you apply various effects to your videos and share it with your dear ones via Facebook, Instagram or Vine.

ArtClip_2ArtClip lets you apply various artistic effects to your videos in order to make them stand out from the crowd. The design of the app is very simple and user friendly. The Interface is elegant. I found ArtClip to be fairly intuitive to navigate.
ArtClip_3ArtClip provides a minimalistic design which makes applying artistic effects to a video very easy. All you to do is shoot a video, apply the Effects, generate a new movie, save it to your Photos library and then send it via Email or open it in any video sharing application that you have on your device like Facebook, Vine or Instagram.
ArtClip_4The feature in ArtClip which I liked the most is that you wont need internet connection while editing videos, as all the video processing algorithms are done offline.

ArtClip_5The Artistic Video Effects available in ArtClip are :

– Black&White
– Sepia (makes video look old)
– Cartoon (makes video look like a cartoon)
– Sketch (makes video look like a charcoal sketch in motion)
– Halftone (makes video look like an image from a newspaper in motion)
– Polka Dot
– Pixelate
– Posterize
– Oil Painting (makes video look like an oil painting in motion)
– Vignette (makes video darker around the corners)

For people who love sharing their videos online, ArtClip is a must have app on your phone.