With many app reviewer and enthusiasts hovering around to download and review the newly discovered apps, here are the bunch of Top 5 apps of the week, which won’t disappoint you for sure:

Playtime Internet Radio

Source: http://handyappsforlife.com/images/apppages/radio/PlayTimeRadio_Feature_16102015.png

A simple, integrated yet powerful app that brings all the internet radio stations from all over the world and fits into your screen. Classy and sleek in design and UI with 4 performance mode, you can have streaming music without any buffering anywhere, anytime.




A feeder for sneaker lovers and enthusiasts, this app is targeted for the group who are into sneaker maniacs. From Nike to Reebok to basketball shoes, a voluminous collection is available for quenching your sneaker thirst. An easy payment and purchase scheme has added brownie points for this minimal app.

Draw My Story

drawmystorySource: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Yc89RjPxLnA/hqdefault.jpg

A reinvention of MsPaint. Extremely lucid to use, with handy drawing tools to design and bring out your inner artist. With predefined emojis, images and cliparts, you can design and share over social media.

Sports Illustrated

Source: http://www.etonline.com/news/2015/02/24129754/640_hannah_davis_sports_illustrated_swimsuit_cover_2015.jpg

Targeted for the sports enthusiasts, this app gives a complete coverage of the updated happenings and news of the sports world. With customizable features, you can custom your contents to suit your need.


dyshSource: http://www.trbimg.com/img-56b8e322/turbine/la-this-new-app-turns-everyone-into-a-food-cri-001/650/650×366

For the hyped food lovers, this app gives a complete review about the dishes from the local restaurants and finds similar delicacies. Minimal in content with a feature to judge and review your dishes and keep tracks of your culinary chronicles around the city.