MonsterSmash1Monsters have taken over the world! They are eating the humans, plants, anything living! An elite squad has been assigned to take them out and save the world. The Monster Smash Squad!

MonsterSmash2Blast the bloody monsters with different weapons, bullets go straight through them, bounce off walls, kill multiple monsters with one shot. make sure you kill all the monsters before you run out of bullets, watch head shots in slow motion matrix style!

Many obstacles either hinder or help such as bombs, black holes, spike balls, logs, rotating platforms and much more, Head shots are worth more. Its the Hero’s of the Monster Smash Squad vs these stupid monsters, zombies, beasts, ghouls and goblins.

– Over 150 Levels over 3 Chapters! (More coming soon)
– Addictive Game play
– 11 cool hero’s to choose from
– 23 different monsters to kill
– Slow motion head shot kills! matrix style!
– Nukes to pass levels (Kill all monsters with one nuke)
– Weapons galore! endless puzzles.

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