In the generation where everything is a mouse-click away from your reach, it is extremely easy to earn the knowledge to code & generate the strategies for the game you’ve always wanted to develop ever since you’ve indulged into the passion of creation & entertainment with the pixels.

It’s true that they’re the most definitive platform for showcasing your potential, but while broadcasting your skills, you need audiences with an approachable ear &creative thinking skills to appreciate your hard effort & pay you off. And for this very particular reason, you need the aid of the social marketing spider-web that helps you gather the possible network of connection from your peers & surroundings, assimilating into one single pixels powered podium to appreciate your talent & share, thereby enriching it to flourish, for a search engine optimization service in Toronto look for Green Genie SEO.

Marketing has been recognized as the most definitive way for reaching out to the masses. As more and more people try their hands into the developing of the indie games & apps that can be either too mainstream or unique, some emerge victorious by having support of the best digital agencies to have more management because of either it’s very apprehensive and challenging or it might be just be the unique content designed completely out of the box. Either way, everything needs to be publicized & this is where the marketing for the indie games come into foreplay.

Creation & beyond logic:

The frenzied rush to develop indie games wasn’t visible till 2008, but a guerilla gaming warfare emancipated with the advanced development of the Android &iOS platform that created the stage for even the wannabe developers & gamers to try their hands & skills into the creation. Development of the indie games is all about creativity & imagination & most important of all – challenging oneself to think outside the box.

One thing that should be prioritized about the content of the game is the potential targeted customer base, which would provide the game the threshold quality for gaining the mass popularity. This would unravel the major vacillation about the contents & quality of the games.

Once the game has been developed, the major experiment that should be performed on the newborn game is to perform a thorough beta testing – for which developers need to explore the sources for finding a small subset of players whose job is to actively complete the games, search for the major bugs & tweaks that needs to be handled immediately or a couple of furnishing tips to make the overall environment of the game look better and attractive. This concept of mini launch would deliver news to the world feeders about the recent breakthrough of any particular game, and it’s channelized over the media source like

  • Blog posts & video broadcasting by YouTube,
  • DailyMotion,
  • Vimeo et cetera.

Some of the popular channels on YouTube who are famous for game reviews include

  • AppySpy
  • Hot Pepper Gaming.Soft

Their launching helps to reiterate the walkthrough in a new broaden perspective, and also utilizes the fan base to gather the required threshold for the marketing budget.

Sources of the media that can be used fruitfully:

The aim for luring the publicity is to erect the potential customer base. Here are some of the potential ideas from that can be actually implemented for marketing the indie games, which are as follows:

  • Blogging

This is perhaps one the safest method to communicate with the communities of tech junkies who review& blogs about the latest improvements in the gaming sphere. But, developers should be persistent enough to receive all the favorable criticisms & laurels, yet should be respectful enough not to persist & stalk reviewers about broadcasting their product.

  • Video leaks

This is another vantage point for the developers, which can interest the customers by releasing mini clips, giving an insight about the gameplay in such a fashion that would kindle excitement, without leaking the suspense. This sounds lucrative, yet it should be performed with great perfection such that it would draw potential customer base without giving away much of the storyline of the game.

  • Spreading words by mouth

Most of the time people do not give enough credit to the word of mouth as a means of advertising, which is a little disadvantageous to say the least. Developers should develop a taste to socialize & interact with the beta testers & the fanzine over live podcasts to provide a distinguishable insight about the game & its possible release date. This would help to spread the word among the players in a pyramidal connection that would only spread in the end. Developers shouldn’t lose hope about the productive consequences since, some games skyrockets once they’re publicized after several months. This is primarily because some hardcore gamers finally succeed in completing the game, which would raise the bar of challenge & encourage others to succeed. One can also attend gaming conventions of other gamers where meeting other gamers and getting their seal of approval via a simple conversation does wonders to the fame of your game.

  • Press coverage

This might sound pretty exciting, but it’s quite challenging since convincing the journalists about the recent breakthrough about any particular game & asking for broadcasting it in the local media requires multiple requests. Hence, the mails that are to be forwarded to the journalists about the game synopsis should be precise, catchy & distinguishable, with requisite bullets & headings. Obtaining recommendations from the prestigious gaming bloggers would enhance the change for getting the press coverage, which would feature your game & the ideas revolving to the evolution & further development about the software.

  • A catchy smart headline

The lesser number of words the better. Brevity comes in handy in making up a headline, which should be just enough to lead on a reader in getting to know about your game. What is so different about your game that sets it apart from all the others out there? That is what you need to get across in your headline.

  • Landing page

This is an evolutionary technique that would utilize Search Engine Optimization technique, where it would create referential links & ads about the game, that would pop-up in the popular webpage, triggering the curious customers to check about the source &appealing the audience. Make sure the link provided is not plagiarized, which would tamper with your creation’s reputation.

  • Hosting a website

Building up a website might prove to be best podium for showcasing about the game, particularly its details, gameplay, characters & the stages in the optimized yet, to the best extent. Websites can be the forum for connecting the URL links of one media to another, therefore building up a resourceful chain for bringing up the marketing base.

  • Crowdsourcing

This is a two-end resourceful step, that would help to raise some credits for the game by exposing the details to the interested public, who would rate the game, generate a targeted RPG(Role Playing Game) and raise some funds that would be fruitful enough to progress further & encourage others to participate.

Marketing the game would be as easy as debugging & polishing the existing games, but it requires a quantifiable exposure that would be informative enough to establish your game as a major contributor to the market. So make peace with the marketing experts and shout out loud for your game!